The Vamps


The vamps is a city of mainly vampires.

Key notes

  • Anyone that is of living races that are here seem to be of slaves and food source more than anything else.
  • The city is like other civilizations in that the masters seem to take pride over possessions.
  • A vampire lord that Brinna knows seems to be the vampire that may be lord of the entire city.
    • Also of note, Ryld, Gulbran, Brinna, Lynnara, Chris, and a Warforged managed to sneak in the manor this vampire lord resided in and take the cure recipe and potion to cure the Red Plague.
  • Gulbran willingly let a guard drink his own blood while he was infected with the Red Plague. This would assume that the town was slowly infected with the Red Plague, but no information has been reported about the town.

The Vamps

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