Sabbaticals and Downtime

In our game, we have Sabbaticals/Downtime.
Not all sabbaticals maybe full downtime. For instance, there could be a time where we may stay for 2 weeks at best, but its mostly cause 1 week is down time and 1 week is preparing to head off/heading off. In that instance, we may not have enough downtime to consider Full Sabbaticals so there may be changes from the standard presented here.

During a Sabbatical, you get a few perks:

  • You can advance any story or plot elements during your down time out of scene (within reason)
  • You can shop during the downtime.
  • You can train.
  • You can possibly learn a new trick or two.
  • You also heal any injures you have.

The amount of things you can do is decided at the time by the DM. The number he gives is how many weeks you have. So if he gives us 3 actions, its 3 weeks worth of actions. You can increase the amount of actions by spending 2 favor tokens for 1 extra action. This represents either getting help to learn something quicker in the allotted time, or explained in another way justified.


You can train during your downtime. During your training, each action you do is considered a week’s worth of time. It isn’t always necessarily considered consecutively. You have the following Options available to you:

  • Skill training – You train a skill.
    • Partial Training – You are untrained in a skill and taking Partial Training. You are considered train for the purposes where having training in a skill is called up. You gain a +2 to the skill instead of +5 from being trained.
    • Full Training – You are already partially trained in a skill. Doing this, you are advancing the skill to be more competent at it. At this point, you are now fully trained (similar to the Skill Training feat) to the skill in question. Your +2 is now replaced with the standard +5 from training.
    • Expert Training – You are fully trained in a skill (whether it be from skill training downtime, class selection, or feats). You decide to go further with the skill. From now on, whatever bonus you gain from the inherent bonus to the Attack/Damage Rolls is your bonus to the skill. Example: If the inherent bonus is giving your attack/damage a +2 as if you have a magic weapon/implement, then your expertly trained skill is also gaining that +2 extra.
  • Power Training – You decide to focus your battle skills. You pick a power that you currently possess. Until the next even level, you have a +1 bonus to the attack. In short, its like getting your next half level bonus to your attack early. Example: If you have and select the power Bolstering Strike for the training and you are level 4, until you hit level 6, you have a +1 bonus to your attack roll. Doing so at Level 5, you still gain the bonus, but at level 6, you will lose that bonus.
  • Language learning – You learn a language. Pick a language you do not posses. You learn that language.

Keep in mind, you cannot just do whatever and expect to gain it. You have to justify it.

Sabbaticals and Downtime

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