Lumon Proudbody


Physical Description
Lumon is a halfling. He is 3’11", and of average physical condition. He has brown eyes and hair and a light complexion. He wears his shoulder length hair braided and he has long, full sideburns that reach to his jawline.

Lumon favors earth tones; grays, greens and browns. He dresses practically, for the most part, carrying a fur cloak for cold weather and lighter clothes for warmer weather. He does have one set of fine clothes on hand that he keeps well protected. He has never had the chance to use them, but would like to be prepared in case the chance arises.

Lumon wields the blade of winter’s mourning, a gift of the fey lords of winter, ice and snow. It is a rapier made from a strange blue metal, and the blade seems to be constantly covered with frost. In battle, the blade seems to shift and move of its own accord, twisting to parry attacks or to deliver a little more punishment when the blade strikes home. In addition he wears hide armor to ward off blows, and carries a rod to channel his arcane power. He carries other normal adventuring gear, including thieves’ tools, just in case he needs to disable a trap or open a locked door or chest. He also carries a finely made pocketwatch with him.


Lumon grew up with his father in a small halfling town called Foxtail Crossing. The town was located around a bridge on a busy trade route and many of the halflings there made their living as artisans and craftsmen. Lumon’s father, Binwilk, was a clockmaker, and a very good one at that. The traders that passed through the town would always buy up whatever clocks Binwilk had in stock, and the Proudbody name on a clock meant that it was a fine, precision, instrument.

As Lumon grew up, he was taught clock making by his father. By the time he reached adulthood, he figured that his future would be to continue to learn from his father and one day take over his shop. Alas, soon after came the Red Plague.

The Red Plague spread quickly through the town. Its victims would get a very high fever and turn a bright red color while being wracked with pain. It affected the older residents and the children much more harshly than healthy young adults, and many died, killing off almost 1/3 of the town. By the time that healers arrived from a nearby city, it was too late to help most.

Lumon and Binwilk were both afflicted by the Red Plague, and while Lumon was strong enough to fight it off without trouble, his father was not so lucky. The sickness had damaged his eyes, blinding him. The healers were not able to help Binwilk, and they said it would probably take powerful and expensive magic to restore his eyesight.

After the plague, the town was devastated. Most of the town’s income came from the selling of goods from the many artisans and craftsmen in town. Nearly all of the most skilled had either died from the plague, or were like Binwilk, injured and not able to continue their work. Lumon, like some other apprentices in town, tried to take over for those who could no longer work. However, Lumon was not yet skilled enough, and while his clocks were passable, none of the traders were willing to pay much money for his work.

Many of the villagers ended up leaving the town. Binwilk had been very successful as a clockmaker, and while he did not have enough to pay to find a cure for his eyesight, he did have enough money saved up so that they would be able to live in the town for years. Lumon was able to get most of what they needed from the traders passing through. Lumon would have liked to leave, but his father refused to do that while they were able to support themselves there, and he did not want to leave his father alone.

A few months later, a gnome came into town from the direction of the nearby mountains. The gnome was dressed in dirty clothes and was carrying mining gear. He was very hungry and was looking for a meal. Since the tavern had closed, Lumon invited him to his house. While there, the gnome thanked Lumon for his hospitality, and told him he had a secret to tell.

The gnome showed Lumon a chunk of gold and told him a story of how he had been prospecting in the mountains near the town. He said that he struck a huge vein of gold, the biggest he had ever heard of. He told Lumon that he needed help to mine the gold and said that anybody who helped would get an equal share of the gold. He asked Lumon to help recruit others in town to help with the mining.

A few days later, Lumon and eight of his friends followed the gnome out of the town towards the mountains. They arrived at the foot of the mountains near nightfall and the gnome suggested they make camp for the night. When darkness came, the gnome said that he would keep the first watch, and said he would wake someone to take over once he got tired. After the long walk from town, the halflings were exhausted and were all soon asleep.

The halflings were soon awoken by rough voices telling them to wake up. They saw they were surrounded by several men, each pointing crossbows at the halflings. The gnome had tricked them. The gnome tied the halflings up while the men continued to hold the crossbows on them. Afterwards, one of the men gave the gnome a bag of gold. The gnome then thanked the halflings for helping him get his share of the gold.

The men led the halflings to a cave opening at the base of the mountain. On the way, they found out they were going to be sold to duergar as slave labor. They trudged along for quite a ways underground before arriving at a room full of cages. They untied the halflings and put each in their own cage. Luckily, Lumon found a small bone on the ground in his cage. All his work on clocks gave him nimble fingers, and he was able to pick the lock of his cage with the bone. He got out, but as he was trying to unlock another cage, one of the slavers noticed him and called out an alarm.

Lumon ran back the way they had come from and crawled into a small crack before his captors could catch up to him. The humans were too big to follow him and he escaped into dark passages beyond.

Lumon felt his way along in darkness for what felt like hours. He had no idea if he was going towards safety or just going further into the mountain. When Lumon came to a fork, he felt a chilling breeze coming from the left fork. As the breeze hit him, he heard a voice in his head say, “this way!” Not knowing who the voice belonged to, or if he had imagined it, but figuring that the breeze would lead to the surface, he followed the breeze.

Shortly, a soft blue glow appeared up ahead. When he got closer, he found the glow was coming from a keyhole on a small chest. In running from his captors, he had not dropped the bone, so he went to work attempting to unlock the chest. After toiling a short while with the crude instrument, he was able to open the lock. Inside he found a clear bottle filled with a glowing blue liquid.

He grabbed the bottle, and immediately heard a female voice in his head say, “Release me, and I will give you the power to defeat your enemies!” Lumon had heard stories of evil spirits being trapped in vessels and locked away, and he hesitated for a moment. However, he was desperate, and decided that he needed help if he was going to save his friends.

As he opened the stopper, a blast of cold hit Lumon. He closed his eyes and fell back from the shock of it. It was colder than anything he had ever felt, but strangely, he was not harmed. When he opened his eyes, a beautiful humanoid with elven features stood before him. Her skin was a pale blue and her eyes and hair were the purest white he had ever seen. Her dress sparkled like it was made of snow and she wore a crown of icicles on her head.

As he sat there, the figure in front of him spoke. “I am known as the Lady of Frost. You have my gratitude for releasing me from my prison. In thanks, I will grant you a shard of my power.” The Lady of Frost brought her hands together. As she pulled her hands apart, an icicle formed between them. “Stand, and hold out your hands,” she said. Lumon did so, and she placed the icicle into his hands. To Lumon’s surprise, as he grasped the icicle it changed into a sword. It felt lighter than any sword he had ever felt before. He had never used a sword before, but when he gripped the sword’s hilt, it felt natural, like an extension of his arm.

“That is the blade of winter’s mourning, a blade given to those who are friends of the winter court. It will allow you to defeat your enemies and save your friends. It is a powerful weapon in your hands, as you are now in the favor of the lords of winter. You may use this blade in any way you wish. As you use it, you may unlock more of its power. As long as you live the blade cannot be taken away from you. This is my gift to you.”

After she said this, she puckered her lips and blew. Blowing snow enveloped Lumon and he had to close his eyes. After a few seconds, the blowing stopped, and he opened his eyes to find himself at the campsite where he and his friends were captured. The morning sun was just peeking up over the horizon.

He started back toward the cave, trying to figure out a plan to save his friends. Although he could feel that the blade gave him power, he knew he was still outmanned six to one. He was so worried about this, he did not notice anybody around until a deep voice rumbled, “Stop, and identify yourself.”

When he looked around, he noticed a large, athletic-looking goliath, with ruby colored markings all over his body. He had been hiding behind a rock formation and had popped out after Lumon had passed. He was holding a huge maul, which was raised and ready for battle.

Although Lumon was scared, he raised his sword and replied, “Stay back, giant! I’ll cut you down with my blade! You’ll not stop me from saving my friends!”

At this, the goliath smiled, lowered his maul and responded, “My name is Gok’Dar. Let’s go save your friends, little one. Lead the way!”

With Gok’Dar’s help, Lumon was able to defeat the slavers and save his friends. Lumon found that he enjoyed the feel of battle, and he and Gok’Dar continued to work together. One of the halflings they saved promised to watch over Binwilk while Lumon was away. After a few months working together, Lumon and Gok’Dar were able take down a group called the Bloodswords, a duergar-run organization that was sending slaves to the underdark.

Afterwards, Gok’Dar decided to return to his home in the mountains. With his father’s blessing, Lumon decided to explore the world, taking the opportunity to search for a cure for his father’s blindness. He became a mercenary to support himself, taking jobs when the opportunity arose. Overhearing another story of the Red Plague, he decided to travel to Nightshade Keep with some companions he had made on his travels.

On the way to Nightshade Keep, Lumon met a tiefling named Dredge. They continued traveling together. While sleeping one night, they were mysteriously transported to the Shadowfell. They found a city there, and were thrown in prison for refusing to pay the ruffians who act as guards there. While inside a drow named Ryld, a hobgoblin named Gulbran, a boy named Chris and a woman named Brinna were thrown in prison with them. Working together, they escaped the prison.

The group continued to travel together in the Shadowfell looking for the avatar of the Raven Queen, and a way back home. They found the avatar, but a battle with a group that wanted to destroy the avatar soon erupted. The avatar was destroyed, but not before she opened a portal for the group to allow them passage back to the normal world. Brinna, who was taking care of boy, Chris, was not able to go through the portal, as it was a portal that only allowed living creatures to pass, and she was afflicted with the curse of vampirism. Chris was knocked out from the fight, so Brinna asked Lumon to take him through and to take care of him.

Lumon continued traveling with the group over the next few months. Lumon took it as his duty to watch over Chris. The group had many adventures together, including defeating a necromancer and an insane beholder, stopping a falling star from destroying the world, and defeating a cosmic power that had taken over the Izbek Empire. Along the way, Lumon and Chris became closer. A halfling woman named Roselily also traveled with the group, acting as their cook.

During the battle to defeat the Elder Sign, Brinna suddenly returned and helped the group. After the battle, she revealed that with the Raven Queen’s help, she may have found a cure for her vampirism, but that it may also kill her. The group, minus Gulbran, traveled with her back to the Shadowfell, where Brinna departs down a river of the dead. The group does not know what happened to her, and are forced to hope that she will come back.

Back in the real world, Lumon decided to return to Foxtail Crossing to be with his father. Roselily came back with him, and they were married shortly thereafter. Lumon also invited Chris to come live with them while they waited for Brinna to return.

Lumon Proudbody

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