Empire of Bane

Ryld's Results!

Can Ryld get his cure to his inner demon? And will the group get home?

The group arrived at the temple where the Avatar awaited them. The avatar talked with Ryld about his issue. It seems that Ryld has to deal with it himself despite his thoughts for the Raven Queen needing to step in. This disappointed him greatly. But…

The group was found by some of the people from the City of Lanterns that was planning to destroy the avatar. The group fought their hardest, but alas, the group didn’t do so hot. Chris went down first and not too long after, so did most of the others. By the end of it, it was up to Lumon and Gulbran to stop the last creature from attacking the Avatar, but not even their might could stop it as it succeeding making its swipe and killing the Avatar. But the Raven Queen’s connection only let her spirit come out and say that he may have won the battle, but that it was far from over as they could never defeat her. As offer for the group, she used her power to open a portal for the living. Chris was still unconsious, so Brinna grabbed him. She tried to go through the portal, but alas, being as she is cursed as a vampire, she could not as the portal was meant for only the living to be in the world of the living. She gave Chris to Lumon and told him to give Chris a message. To tell him she loved him. Lumon agreed and carried Chris through the portal, while looking back only to see a piece of the temple’s rock crash in front of the portal.

The group found themselves a little ways inside the territory that heads closer towards the city of the vampires. After Chris was healed up and told what had happened to Brinna, he was saddened, but managed to find a small resolve to continue on. They managed to get themselves heading over to Nightshade Keep.

Upon arriving back, there was some joy for Chris at least that Roselily was waiting for them. She also told them a man came by to talk with the group. It turns out that man was a courier from Cedarvale on mission for Yseult. It seems the princess had to inform everyone that a witch and some body guard was raising the dead and causing havoc near the kingdoms. It was Cheska and the traitor to Gulbran’s organization, Durom. The group told the courier that they accepted and would be on their way.

End of Session roundup

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Current XP: 5855

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Notable moments

  • The temple was falling apart. The avatar made a portal for the group to get out and return to the land of the living.
    • Brinna grabbed Chris while he was unconscious. Her attempt to bring both of them to the portal failed as she was not living anymore. So she handed Chris to Lumon and told him to tell Chris that she “loved him.”
    • Brinna was last seen with a boulder that dropped down blocking the path of the portal entrance. Her fate is unknown as of this time.


  • N/A

Nightshade Keep preparing to leave.



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