Empire of Bane

ORCS! Everywhere!

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End of Session roundup

Tokens gained
1 Fate – Turned in a stone of storms to Kyrta.

Tokens Spent

Current XP: 51500

Active Participants:

Hoot (Chris’ Green owl companion)
The Pixies

Notable moments

  • Gulbran killed Gutstabber.
    • Gustabber was doing a horrible job at running Wyverncliff as roughly 80% of the people there were drunk in some form or another. He was given the choice of regaining his honor by fighting alone against the Orcs, or to take court marshal in which Gutstabber chose court marshal.
  • After coming into a room full of ahem ladies… Chris closed his eyes and shouted that he saw nothing. He promptly bumped into a wall.
  • Gulbran took command and ordered the evacuation of the outpost, leaving it to be taken by the Orcs. The only thing the Orcs will get of the outpost is dwarven ale.
  • The group arrived back to Nightshade Keep to find out Kryta had passed due to never really recovering from the incident with Elsa.
    • Kyrta didn’t take too kindly to the idea of Elsa being in town, but Chris averted the situation and explained the entire reason.
    • Kyrta gave information to Ryld and Chris about what could be made to fix Ryld’s soul, but Ryld cannot have his soul shielded.


Heading out to the abyss, to Rauwend, the city of Graz’zt awaits.



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