Empire of Bane

Death to the beholder, and innocence lost

The destruction of the beholder and Chris killed someone unexpectedly... is he still worthy?

Coming Soon

End of Session roundup

Tokens gained
1 Favor to all
1 Fate to Lumon for diffusing the situation
1 Wealth to Gulbran from Chris as the forced repayment ruling

Tokens Spent
Lumon – 1 Fate – Stave off death from machine explosion.
Gulbran – 3 Wealth – “Replacement slave” for Chevska’s death.
Chris – 1 Wealth – having to give it up to Gulbran

Current XP: 9755

Active Participants:

Roselily (Hirling)
Rook (Hirling)
Chevska (Prisoner) (Deceased)
Kassia (Sorceress – Hirling)

Notable moments

  • Chris killed Chevska unexpectedly
    • This resulted in Chris losing his Crown of Good
    • Chris gained a red mark that was on his forehead, that then went invisible. No one knows what the mark is and Chris doesn’t know about the mark.
  • The beholder was destroyed by his own machine
  • Gulbran nearly arrested Chris for killing Chevska which was “his property.”
    • Chris tried to start a duel against Gulbran to try and force him to drop his stance of arresting if Chris Wins or if Chris loses, he would belong to Gulbran, no question’s asked.
    • Before the battle could fully begin, Lumon stopped the battle by interfering and forcing Gulbran to realize that it was Yseult’s responsibility. Gulbran stood down in agreement after that.
    • When discussing it with Yseult, the ruling became that Chris had to pay back Gulbran with money (1 wealth token) to replace his slave.


Back at Nightshade keep in the meditation room to find Kyrta bound and a drow waiting for Ryld.



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