Empire of Bane

A Twist

The main group takes a break

The main group had to discuss their plans to get Ryld fixed up. However, a battle still would need to take place involving the Orcs and the Goblins as the fight to dominate escalates. Gulbran returned to the frontlines to hopefully finish it and Jyn joined up.

Several named people answered the call that Gulbran had requested. This army is supposed to route the orcs, preferably destroying their forces.

The army did fairly well fighting off a dragon that was ticked off about Gulbran’s group for trashing his domain. However, it didn’t stop there. They went on to fight the orcs themselves, but it seems it didn’t end very well after the first part of the Exchange. The group is now faced with more threats coming out as the demons come out of a portal who are all part of the Orcs side of factions. What will the group do?



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