Token System

We are using the Token System. Tokens are an easy way to represent the various resources that a character collects that would otherwise have to be laboriously recorded. There are three types of tokens that will be awarded in the campaign.

  • Wealth
  • Favors
  • Fate


Wealth tokens represent gold coins, art objects, gems, and other monetary wealth that the character has accrued. High level character who have obtained a great deal of wealth are assumed to either be carrying this wealth in the most compact form available (such as in the form of gemstones) or to have deposited their wealth with a banker.

Purchasing Consumables

Item Level # Per Token
Up to your level +4 1 per token
Up to your level +2 2 per token
Up to your level 5 per token

Purchasing Magic Items

Item Level # Tokens
Your level +3 6 tokens
Your level +2 5 tokens
Your level +1 4 tokens
Less than your level 3 tokens
Items is uncommon +1 favor token


Ritual Level # Per Token
Up to your level 1 per token
Up to your level -3 2 per token
Extra ritual tokens 5 per token

Gaining Hirelings

Occupation # Tokens
Beast Handler 1 token
Burglar 2 tokens
Cook 1 token
Guide, Underdark 1 token
Guide, Wilderness 1 token
Healer 1 token
Magician 2 tokens
Mercenary 2 tokens
Performer 1 token
Pilot 1 token
Porter 1 token
Sage 2 tokens
Spy 2 tokens
Valet 1 token


Favors represent boons that the character may utilize. Favors are usually earned by gaining the goodwill of a powerful figure such a king, archfey, or even deity. The favors listed here are only a starting point only and should not be implied to exclude other uses at the DM’s discretion.

Favor # Tokens
Bypass a non-combat skill challenge (1 x skill challenge complexity) tokens
Gain a magical item as a gift as wealth tokens1
Gain access to an individual above your station 1 token
Gain access to an exclusive group or event 1 token
Borrow an item of up to your level +3 until your next sabbatical rest 2 tokens
Gain access to a ritual of up to your level +8 once 1 token
Gain a hireling as wealth tokens2
Negate the consequences of a petty offense 1 token
Reduce the consequences of a serious offense to those of a petty offense 2 tokens
Reduce the consequences of a heinous offense to those of a serious offense 3 tokens

1 A magical item gained as a gift can be uncommon with no additional cost. Alternatively, a common item gained as a gift may be up to 1 level higher than normal.

2 A hireling type that is especially suited to one of the character’s patrons may be discounted. For example, if a favor is owed from a mage’s guild, a magician hireling might be received for only 1 favor token. Likewise, a noble lord might reward a character with both a porter and valet for only 1 favor token.


Fate represents luck and karma. It allows a character to manipulate events in their favor at critical moments. Fate is typically earned for especially virtuous or selfless deeds, and for performing quests that grant little reward in the way of wealth and favors.

Use # Tokens
Reroll an attack roll (1/encounter) 1 token
Score an automatic critical hit on an attack 3 tokens
Gain an automatic 20 on a skill check 1 token
Cause an enemy to reroll an attack (cannot be used on a critical hit) 1 token
Spend an action point in an encounter where you’ve already spent an action point 1 token
Cheat death (raise dead sans penalties) 3 tokens
Recharge an encounter power or second wind (1/encounter) 1 token
Recharge a daily power (1/encounter) 2 tokens
Remove a minor injury or disease 1 token
Remove a major injury or curse 2 tokens
Recover all healing surges during a short rest 2 tokens

The DM Will provide the distributions when he can.

Token System

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