Purchasing Rituals

As described in the Token System, rituals can be learned by expending a wealth token. All other requirements of learning a ritual (such as the time required) remain the same.

Ritual Tokens

Players with the ritualist feat have a number of ritual tokens equal to the highest of their Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma modifiers. Every time a ritual is cast, one ritual token is expended. This replaces the component cost of rituals. Ritual tokens refresh at the end of a sabbatical rest. If a player desires more ritual tokens without taking a sabbatical rest, five ritual tokens may be gained by expending one wealth token. If a creature gains access to a ritual that does not have the ritualist feat, they have one ritual token.

Ritual Special Costs

A few rituals have especially expensive components and require the expenditure of wealth tokens in addition to the expending a ritual token.

Ritual # wealth tokens
Cure Disease 1 token
Raise Dead 3 tokens
Remove Affliction 1 token
Any Item Creation Ritual Tokens equal to the number needed to purchase the item

Martial Practices

These rules apply equally to characters who have have taken the practiced study feat to use martial practices.


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