Custom Items

This page contains every custom item made by the DM.

  1. Black Lantern
  2. Shape Mind Weapon
  3. Regalia of Good Crown
  4. Cloak of Frost
  5. Earth Archon Gem

Black Lantern

The Lantern with a true connection to the shadowfell and the Raven Queen
The Black Lantern seems to have a true connection to the Raven Queen and her domain.
So far, it has been revealed and currently is guarded by Kyrta in the temple in Nightshade Keep.

Shape Mind Weapon

Psionic creations that can technically be any color.
This is part of the Soulknife class feature
These weapons and armor all may look like its regular counterpart, but by no means is it actually the same other than its physical use.
For starters, the weapons and armor can glow anywhere from a faint light to a light like that of a torch. Their strength is closely related to the wielder’s mind and concentration. This comes at a flaw that even if they created it as physical as possible, they will NOT last disconnected away from the creator. Its been said that these weapons could potentially be passed off to another person, but it will only last for a few seconds at best.

These weapons can be manipulated to look like anything similar to their counterpart and in some cases, not even be practically feasible unless the blacksmith was that much of a masterwork creator to pull off the construction. Some people have created Scythes that seem like it could never be weighted correctly while others could create a broadsword with a section that would be lethal after stabbing, but more than likely break after a few uses, yet is perfectly suitable for those with the power of the mind. Even shields could be made and potentially with weapons on the shield that would otherwise be impossible to mount without breaking.

Not everyone with great mind abilities can do this though. It takes some special training. Those with the ability to create these weapons may potentially be dangerous as they won’t ever advertise it. Sometimes, those that can do this wielding is also easily aggravated or sometimes mentally unstable.

Regalia of Good Crown

Only the Good can wear such a crown

Cloak of Frost

+3 Cloak of Frost(Neck)
Resist 5 cold
Icewalk ability
Encounter (Free): When you fall, you may turn to snow and land safely.
Encounter (Immediate Interrupt): Trigger: You are hit by an attack. Effect: You turn to Ice and become petrified until the start of your next turn.

Earth Archon Gem

A Special Gem from the Earth Archon
Consumable: When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you may expend this gem. When you do so, you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls and all defenses until the end of the encounter.

Custom Items

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