Empire of Bane

To the shadowfell, adventurers!
Lets go to the Shadowfell!

Synapse happening…

The group had some time off to prepare for the next adventure they would go through. Little did they know, that would be a dark place…

Chris had learned a little bit of healing arts from Kyrta. He was willing to learn. In the middle of all of that though, Brinna was continuing his martial training, forcing him to learn his weapons capabilities instead of just making them on the fly and hoping it works. A mysterious creature came into town and found Chris. For some reason, this creature took an interest in Chris, but for what means, only time will tell. Shortly after the meeting, Chris and Brinna left with this stranger. On return, Chris was looking unhappy with his eyes giving the look of someone whose seen more than a boy his age should. Brinna would be nearby of course to keep him well, but was quick to act on his defense when anyone said anything, but Chris would rather not talk about it.

While the group was in a tavern, drinking and eating, Kyrta came to discuss something with the group. During the discussion, it was revealed that Ryld was doing a good job doing all he was asked in the name of the Raven Queen and better than any apprentice seen prior. After her discussion, it seems Ryld wanted to speak with her in private. While Ryld and Kyrta discussed outside of the tavern, Chris finally broke his silence to discuss with Gulbran about where Gulbran’s powers come from and how he knows how to properly use them and whether he considers it a gift or a curse. Gulbran seemed to encourage Chris by reminding him that it was up to him to discover that himself, but in general, it is what he decides to do with it. Chris nodded, finally breaking a smile for the first time since his return. However, that would soon be cut short as yelling would be heard from outside as Ryld and Kyrta’s “discussion” seemed to quickly get heated. When the others checked outside to see what was going on, Ryld falls to the ground, looking rather wounded and Kyrta panicking.

The group tried quickly to help Ryld, but it seemed Ryld was quickly fading. Even Gulbran’s powers weren’t working. When Kyrta’s apprentice group arrived, they were hesitent on helping Ryld. Under Kyrta’s command with some help from Gulbran, they assisted. It seemed, that he was ill in a different manner. Something only Kyrta could possibly understand. She decided to do a technique, knowing how dangerous it would be and despite one of the apprentices objection to it, she went through with it. Kyrta slowly drifted off to silence… seemingly dead for a while. After some time, Kyrta and Ryld awoke, Kyrta being angry at Ryld. It seemed that Ryld had 2nd being within, slowly feeding off of him and trying to make its way out to be born through Ryld and possibly become the world’s destruction! Ryld never revealed this fact before which is the cause of Kyrta’s disdain for him. Thus, she told him of his final night to stay, but afterwards, he must be banished from the city. She left angry and in tears, but Chris follows her.

While Chris is with Kyrta, she breaks down in front of him, hugging him and pleading for his help to help Ryld. Chris accepted, telling her that they can do it no problems, while Gulbran is stepping into the scene. He begins to hear what they must do. In the mean time, Chris runs after Ryld. He ends up trying to surprise Ryld by jumping at him, though rather noisily. Ryld would have dodged, but for some random moment, Chris’ powers decided to bloom briefly as he disappears and reappears on Ryld’s back. After a rather amusing looking reaction on Ryld’s end, Chris explains, in his child-like behaviour, the plan on how to help Ryld. Ryld wasn’t intent at first to listening, but after the child spoke and told him that Chris is the key to Ryld’s hope, Ryld took an ear and reluctantly accepted.

The next day, the group was ready to head off. Chris was eager to head out. Kyrta was waiting for them to arrive to open the portal to the shadowfell where the group would need to talk with the Avatar of the Raven Queen in the City of Lanterns. The group all nodded and they headed through. Unfortunately, no one realized that they left Roselily behind.

While the group arrived safely, the shadowfell being dark as it is and very wholesome to the shadowy creatures, they headed off to find where they think the City of Lanterns should be according to the map. Although, the map should guide them, the travels in the shadowfell are much different from that of the real world. Off in the distance of where they started, they saw some figures with a light, but didn’t bother with them. When they arrived at what should be the location of the city, there was nothing. They were rather confused. Suddenly, Chris spoke. It seemed his crown detected some evil creatures, but nothing was visually seen. The group readied themselves, staring and looking around to make sure they weren’t about to be ambushed. Suddenly, the attack!

The group fended themselves as best as they could, making quick work of the attackers. While there was one creature left, Chris, up until this point didn’t kill any creature, and while he was the one of the last killing blow, he opted not to and instead knocked the creature out with his new creation, a craghammer.

The creature decided to accept the agreement to take the group to the city of lanterns and was “kind” enough to explain that the shadowfell works differently and using a map is practically no good if you aren’t native to the shadowfell. When they arrive at the city, they find it bustling with people as it seems a celebration is happening. Someone welcomes them, explaining whats going on. They find there is hardly any issue and the avatar has since left the city as a new person took it over. The city has since been happy. However, the group worries as the lanterns seem to emanate a fragrance that is almost unnaturally good. At this though, they treat cautiously trying to find out what happened to the avatar.

Will the group find out what happened to the avatar? Will they learn what is going on in the city itself? Will Ryld live through to see the Avatar before its too late? Find out next time on Empire of Bane!

End of Session roundup

Tokens gained

Tokens Spent
None (in session)

Current XP: 4255

Active Participants:

Notable moments

  • Roselily was accidentally left behind
  • Chris revealed his mother to Gulbran
  • Ryld revealed his disease that is in his soul.
  • Chris teleported behind Ryld when Ryld tried to dodge.
    • To be fair, Ryld would have otherwise dodged it, but Chris had a nat 20.
  • Gained a Shadow Bolter as a guide temporarily.


  • Gravespawn potion (1 to each player)
  • 2x Holy Water (1 to Chris and 1 to Ryld)

Ryld wandered off before anyone could do anything more, but he is a little ahead of the group. Everyone is in the City of Lanterns.

Down with the witch!
Ryld gets his reward, Gulbran's evil is lessened, Chris comes through!

We awoke, ready to face the dangers. This time, that coin dragon thing will be beaten. I just wish I knew what it is we were looking for specifically. I still haven’t figured out why a single gauntlet will solve the problem of the witch. But oh well.

We approached the mirror and I was about to go in when I almost forgot to say the password. “Transport Us!” I called and the mirror let us in. The coins in the room created the dragon-like form. I had to focus, but a part of me wondered if a dragon would look anything like this. We went as hard and quick as possible to attack it. Coins hurt when its spinning around!

It didn’t take long, but we defeated it. Then a crown was found and a sword. It seemed easier than I thought it would be. I handed the crown to the princess and she put it on. For some reason, she was deemed unworthy. Unworthy for what, I don’t know. Just then, the dragon coined thing reformed! It came and attacked the princess! I tried to defend her and then….

It seemed dark. At some point I saw light once again. Maybe I was sleeping? My head hurt. I saw the dragon still nearby and had to stop it. I grabbed the crown and put it on. A part of me hoped that maybe something needed to be said to stop the dragon from trying to attack her. I yelled at the dragon “I will not let you harm her!” The crown said that I was worthy and gave me its power! We assulted the dragon until it went dark again.

I awoke with Brinna carrying me and Roselily helping treat my wounds. Yseult was back up and well. I was put on the ground for a bit to get healed. For some reason, the bruises didn’t hurt as much. When everyone was ready to go, we headed out. Still, Gully was not found. Maybe he is just a long distance away. All of a sudden, a small dragon lands on me and begins to speak with me. It seems he is the voice of the place and that is when I learn we were never looking for a gauntlet, but it was called a gauntlet. As in, a series of trials. Who knew that a gauntlet could also mean that? He also said that Gully wasn’t killed, but he shouldn’t be too far. As we approach the water section of the dungeon, we find Gully being taken into the water. At first, I didn’t think it was Gully cause he had no armor. But when I pictured him with the armor, it made much sense. We tried to see if he could come out and not play with… whatever that giant thing was he was with. I looked into the water and realized that it was what was in the water that lurked around. And come to think of it, Gully came up for air, but immediately was brought back down. I think he was drowning. I actually couldn’t believe he was being beaten by water more than the monster. I went across the water and Riley prepared a rope. I stared at the creature and the crown just told me it was evil. It also told me how to use its power. So with an attempt, I forced the creature to stop playing with Gully. The thing wasn’t happy when it got out of it, but we left soon enough.

With the princess nearby, Gully and her were talking over the witch situation. She was actually fine with the idea of giving up to the witch. I told her that she can’t and there should be a way out. I said to Gully that there is something he has to do. He told me there is nothing he can do, but there was something I can since it is now my job as her knight. I thought about that. Perhaps he is right… I need to protect her. So I was thinking the entire time on the way back what to do. I could just hit the witch with my created swords until she stopped fighting back. I suppose that makes me more offensive and kinda defies what Brinna taught me, but it needs to be done. I then realized that if I did so, Riley wouldn’t get his wish. Whatever that may be. So my idea was to wait, but still free the princess. In the process, maybe I could help that Kyrta-like girl in the witch’s house.

When we arrived at the witch’s place, I hid behind Gully. The princess turned herself over to the ugly looking witch on her own! It was making me angry at the idea. Riley demanded to have his reward… which was to get the Kyrta-like girl the entire time! Well that was one person down. Once it was settled, we were about to leave. The witch was asking if we would want to join her in the ceremony, but it was refused. Once everyone was ready… I turned around and attacked her in the middle of her talking to herself!1

It caught her off-guard and the attack commenced. I kept up the assault as much as possible. She then managed to move me outside and moved herself at the same time rather quickly… like a teleport! I then realized everyone was… near, yet not clear. And everyone seemed to not see me, but knew I was nearby. Some had a look of lostness about them. Though, it felt familiar here for some reason. During the battle, it seemed I kept coming out of this place and people could see me again, but then I wouldn’t see some others. It turned out that the witch was trying to control our minds with dreams. But knowing what she is doing and how to stop it was difficult. I managed to help back her into a corner. I hit her, but not hard enough. Gully did the same. The princess was rooting for me and I was trying not to fail her. But I was getting tired… more mentally than my regular body. I think it was exhausting me with making these weapons and using them while being in and out of a dream world. I had to end it quick. In my desperate attempt, I remembered seeing a weapon once when traveling with mom where it was on a long stick like a staff, but at the end, it had a blade attached. It seemed to give better reach, but I was never really interested in it. I figured I’d try my best to re-create it as it wasn’t large like that giant sword was, but was indeed thinner overall.2 I concentrated as I used the energy that was still in front of me… the energy that was in my spiked shield and my curved blade. I put them together and formed the weapon pictured in my mind. I quickly tried to attack the witch, but my attack missed. It was more difficult than I thought to just use it without really learning how to. I tried once more, but the witch just stepped over. The ground underneath her suddenly glowed and she laughed as she disappeared.

She left. It was my fault and I felt sad. Maybe I should have learned how to use the weapon properly and maybe even learn what it is called. Gully agreed, but for now, I did well. I didn’t understand how I did well when the witch got away. Because that I confronted the witch, the princess was free to go. The witch left with injuries as well so it will take some time for her to do anything to the princess. Maybe I did the job at least.

We left together with the princess and the Kyrta-like person named Kyra all happy. A good ways out, we got to the split part. The princess had to return to Cedarvale. I think I am supposed to go too being a knight, but I stared at Riley. He was obviously hurt and I couldn’t just leave him until he is at least great on his own. I told the Princess I couldn’t leave them behind and they need me anyways. She seemed to understand. With another kiss on my cheek, she waved at us and we all left. Gully told me I should take the princess as my “mate” and that I “could be a king.”

“Mate?” I stared at him confused.

Gully just smiled, staring at Brinna. “Ask your mother,” he said. I looked up at Brinna and she actually seemed intent on not answering, but stared at Gully almost like she would hit him… or maybe she thinking of taking some of his blood. I don’t know. I just wasn’t sure if I should ask at that moment.

We arrived back in Nightshade Keep and brought Kyra in to Kyrta. I never seen Kyrta soo happy before! She gathered the healers in the area to help treat some of our wounds. For now, we were told to rest until we were called upon again. What will happen next!?

1 Read “Chanting”

2 It was a glaive he was thinking of.

End of Session roundup

Tokens gained
Everyone – 1 Favor and 1 Fate
Chris – 1 Fate for great save moment in a bad position

Tokens Spent
Chris – 2 Fates. Both rerolls… both failed.

Current XP: 3805

Active Participants:
Yseult (Companion) (Now left for Cedarvale)
Roselily (hireling)

Notable moments

  • Gulbran is alive, but had to be rescued from a ticklefest with an ogre.
  • Chris went down for the first time, but doing so to protect Yseult.
  • Chris got the crown as he was deemed worthy while Yseult was not.
  • Gulbran revealed that he must protect Chris as his Muut demands it.
  • Chris attacked the witch unexpectedly in the middle of Dark Elsa’s brewing.
  • The Witch escaped, barely.
  • Kyra was taken back from the witch and re-united with Kyrta.


  • Burning Torch
  • Potion
  • Bag of Holding
    • Filled with Meat

Yseult has now left to Cedarvale so the companion is not available now.
Everyone else is back in town. Roselily is still with the group. The group is taking a Sabbatical for 3 weeks.

Yseult's Gauntlet
Time to find Yseult's gauntlet. Can it truly help her? And what will she do about the truth of her father? Will her new knight help?

As we walked into the cave, Riley went ahead. I think he did his normal thing of checking around for us in his silent tone. However, it was dark. He is the only one that can see while in the darkness besides my mom. I need a light just to see. Good thing my weapon creation can make light!

Suddenly, a burst of powdery stuff came into the area. It stopped just short of me and the princess! Gully got caught in the powder and it seemed to make him gag. Some fighting was heard, but we couldn’t see far. The princess held her breath and rushed in. Seeing as I couldn’t disappoint her after being declared her Knight, I rushed in after while holding my breath. When I came out, I was slightly surprised to see a Kobold! I hadn’t seen one of them in a while! But seeing that they were intent on hurting me and the princess, I went after in, swinging wildly. I don’t know what it was… it just felt different… like I was actually thinking less on what to do and more just doing it. Maybe this is what Brinna was saying all those times during the training about not thinking now, but thinking 3 steps ahead. Maybe, what she meant was you need to think of the end and just go what comes natural to get there, but let my body think what needs to be done. Focusing on the battle at hand, one of the kobolds went into the darkness and threw some sticky stuff at me. I didn’t have time to stop anyone else and I felt bad for letting the princess nearly take an attack. She was just as good at battle as when she fought in the mini castle she was in! I had to match up. So when I cut myself free of the sticky stuff, I rushed down the hall area. I spotted a kobold, with weapons at the ready, dashed forward, saw a rope with some sign that said something like “put futt herr” and jumped around it to land on the other side. Then… for a brief second, I felt like I had no ground to put my feet on. I looked down and realized there was nothing there! I fell and barely landed between a punch of spikes with thorn things. Some of it scraped me. It kinda itches, but I have to remain focused. I yelled for help.

Soon, a rope came down. I came up to find that Gully threw the rope down. He yelled at me saying “Don’t rush off like that! You’re gonna get yourself killed!” I told him that I had good luck on my side. Just when I was thinking that the kiss may have been unlucky from the princess, he tries to jump across and fails badly. I hear a loud crush sound with metal bits tinging around the little pit followed by a loud “OWW!” I then say “SEE! It is good luck! I didn’t get hurt like you did!”

Riley tried to jump across with the noose, but it couldn’t hold him as it broke. The princess jumped across and made it, but got hurt by some hooks attached to the ceiling! As I had to get over there quickly, I backed up and jumped across to see these hooks that she was mentioning. I sliced off all the hooks on her and destroyed the area around her that had the hooks. Riley came back up, but then we kept getting fired by arrows somewhere beyond this little river. Riley could see and was responding, but I don’t know what was going on. I helped Gully up as payback for getting me out of the pit, but we had another issue. Once he got out, we had more of those hooks to deal with. I went over and realized with a flick of a switch, I could make all the hooks fall! So I did and there was nothing more to deal with… on this side. I came over and saw some rope on the floor and this river. The river had something in it. So I used the moment to balance on the rope and just dance across the water like nothing. Normally, according to Riley, it wouldn’t hold anyone’s weight other than a Kobold’s. When I came across, I defeated one kobold, destroyed a cover point to reveal more kobolds, and got another kobold killed before it could get away.

A voice came in our heads it seemed that called itself a watcher. This watcher had a slight high pitch to it in the background of his talking. We talked a bit. It seems that it was some kind of test. We were… well I thouht at the time, looking for the end of a gauntlet. I didn’t understand that we were looking for the end of the test we were going through, also called a gauntlet. Seemed touching Gully’s gauntlet was not “reaching the end of the gauntlet.”

We went on to another room that had a wall and something on the other side. Riley went up and over. Soon, we didn’t hear anything. We called out for him and nothing was said. When Gully and I came up, I was shocked. Riley was on the floor with rats trying to eat him and some weird monster that looked like he was eating some of Riley’s money! I yelled for the princess to say her words that seemed to heal people and get Riley back up. In the mean time, I jumped down and fought the rats. I was making quick work. Also, every time, the princess said something to me and it made me move quicker, slashing away at the rats! Soon, I started feeling… like I was partly myself and partly not. I was moving to the point that everything was also slower, storming through. At one point, I almost didn’t even notice the princess joined me on the ground or Riley leaving the ground area. Once we got the monsters taken care of (after it seemed to make the princess’ armor and weapon look like it was old, hardly used, and had too much water on it for a while), Riley seemed to make the door opened and get us into a new room.

The voice told us these were electric traps and that each step could either go off and hit us or nothing would happen. Gully hopped over a couple of them, but a few went off and shocked him. He made it across. Riley decided to go next and try to figure out the rest from the spots that Gully found. He got hit hard with a shock that it brought him down. The princess went forward and used her words to bring him up. Together, they figured out having me walk on some of these floor pieces which were it and which weren’t. Thankfully, no more electrical traps happened, but I trust Riley not to let me get hurt. I was getting bored with calling the number the voice kept telling me.

When we were on the other side, there were these strange stairs. They had words on each step. They said, in order from the closest step to us to the later steps:

“It seems every second or third time I step away, fate is there, without a doubt, to trap my course.”

I was wondering if it meant one of those was true. Riley ordered Gully to go up and test. He starts moving and when he got to the third step, he vanished quickly with nothing left of him! We stared at the stairs awaiting for something to happen. Nothing more happened. I asked “What happened?” Riley said he poofed. The princess decided to fall to her knees and cry somewhat saying he died.
“He died? I don’t think so.”
“You don’t think he died?” she said.
“Nope. If he wanted to die, he would have by now with the bear incident… the ghost incident… the water incident…”

I started to realize I was mentioning every situation where Gully nearly dropped and with me there, I kept telling him if he wants to die, then just die, but stop trying to live and just live. He kept struggling with that, but now that I think about it… he has been getting slightly better with living. Meh… we’ll see him again, I’m sure. He is too annoying and somewhat a bully to keep down.

Anyways, Riley went forward. He started to skip every 3rd step. While he was doing that, I was watching and looking at the steps he skipped. Part of me realized something. The steps he skipped actually is a message, but I never mentioned it to anyone. I figured they may have realized it on their own which was why Riley skipped the third step. Either that or he guessed because of Gully disappearing after stepping on the step that said “every” on it. When you read just the words Riley skipped, it said:

“Every third step is a trap”

When we went up to the next area, it seemed there were weapons with words on a wooden block piece by the weapons themselves. The weapons were a 2 things, each with a small blade at the end and a stick attachment… which was somewhat like a spear1, a gauntlet with spikes on them, and a sword2. The words however was weird. They read:




I kept staring at the sword with the words. Out of all of them, It seemed to be strange for me. There was a door in the room. The princess asked me “What are you looking at, Chris?” I kept mentioning that the words are… different on the sword than the others. I then wondered was the door unlocked. The princess went over to the door and I tried to stop her, thinking that maybe the door might be a trap. The door made some sort of face appear and said “Not without a password, you’re not. What is the password?”

That is when I stared back at the sword’s words and I was thinking “Password…?” That is when it dawned on me why it was stranger than the others. The other 2 had the look that it was saying “This is Pa’s Hand Weapons. This is Pa’s Gauntlet.” And each following statement sounded like it was the name of Pa’s item. But the third one sounded like it was actually saying something. While words read “Pa’s Sword,” it really was saying when said out loud quickly “PasSword.” So when I separated out the name, Islet’s first off sounded like another name which couldn’t have been. When separated, it was Is Let’s. I guess the time with mom re-correcting me and learn about how words are… grammatically… the idea of the word “Let’s” being possessive just didn’t seem right. So looking at the word Laughter, I had to assume that the S in Let’s was actually belonging to the Laughter. Nice little game. And so, I called out:

“The password is Let Slaughter!”

The door seemed to open. I was asked how I figured it out, but I simply told them that it was in the words and I showed them with my mind what it reads when you take away much of the parts that were pointless and separated out what needed to be done. They saw it and realized that it was a bit dumb not to see it then.

When we went to the next room, there was a mirror and a word above the mirror. There was some very clean skeletons near these mirrors. The word above the mirror was spelled strange. I never saw it before. Mom didn’t even know what it was. It read:


I stared at it for a while. Riley was looking over the skeletons at first. Then he was looking at the mirror. It seemed the mirror looked like it was a reflection of the room we were in, except we weren’t in the mirror and the mirror showed a pile of shiny coins and other treasures. I went back and I started to sound it out. I got to Try an is port I us… then I realized, all of the I’s were common in the pronounciation. I decided to take out the I’s and realized it said “Transport Us.” Just as I said it out loud, questioning why it would possibly be that word and hidden under those I’s, Riley poked the mirror with his crossbow bolt. He went through the mirror and was over there. Just as I asked what was happening, the shiny treasures decided to form up on its own to the shape of a dragon! I came close to the mirror. The dragon came over and blasted all it could out on Riley. When the blast was finished, Riley was on the floor, injured badly. I had to get him out, so I reached into the mirror and managed to appear in the room. I then grabbed Riley and tried to grab him back out of the room. I manged to get back into the other room just before another blast happened. I yelled at the watcher that spoke to us earlier and asked if we could take a break. He said we could come and go as we please.

So as we wait, we now wonder what will happen as we rest, treating the injuries we gained and possibly waiting for Gully to return. I’ve been thinking though… is Gully really dead? Its been a while.

1 It was a siangham

2 More specifically, it was a falchion

End of Session roundup

Tokens gained

Tokens Spent

Current XP: 3155

Active Participants:
Gulbran (Quite Possibly Deceased)
Yseult (Companion)

Notable moments

  • Ryld has 2 minor injuries, and a disease that got him to stage 2.
  • Gulbran practically got disintegrated and now is questionable on his return in regards to the group.
  • Chris made his weapons almost thinly to the point that it should be brittle, but was sharper than master crafted weapons. He was also moving faster and almost inhuman-like, to the point that he destroyed a rust monster in anger and moved quicker than the fastest blade users seen thus far after Riley was injured by the rust monster.

Ready to go back into and finish the dungeon, outside the mirror room with the treasure lumped together in the center.

The princess is in another fortress
Its not stealing if you leave money... oh... forgot to leave a note. Why is the princess not here?

So we walked in to the Falcon Flight Tavern. There were many creatures in there. I even got to see a half bull, half man! They actually do exist!!! A dwarf and a human approached Ryld and me. I think they had an issue with me, but I am not entirely sure. Just then, the Dwarf looked at Riley and said “Its a drow!” I didn’t understand what the fuss was about. Everyone in the bar got up and started fighting. I ducked under everyone. I saw there was a person in the back that wasn’t fighting with the others. I casually went over and even passed a beer bottle to some guy that was knocked down and looking at me asking for help. I don’t see a reason not to give it.

Upon getting across, I sit with the guy and talk with him. He seemed cool, but didn’t want to be involved. I ended up asking about the princess. At the time, he seemed to not know for sure. Riley shortly came over and started talking. The guy seems to have wondered why I was here or Riley for that matter. I asked him if he knew where a group of rebelious people would be. He said I shouldn’t get involved with such type of people, but I told him that I wanted to see the princess and heard she is rebelious. At this point, the guy said that it was about time to “end this” and if he can excuse himself for a sec. Then, with just one sentence, he reveals that he is the captain of the guards and everyone better stop fighting or else. Everyone stopped, stared, got scared, and ran! Some even jumped out the windows! I was shocked to see how quickly they obeyed and ran in fear! He was awesome!

Once the guy left with matters he had to take care of, Riley yelled at me for some strange reason. It seems it had to do with me talking about the princess. We followed the guard and he took a horse. He left quickly and the gate was open. Riley ran over and grabbed a horse from the nearby stables and without hesitation, left. Mom was about to leave with a horse, but as she was setting up, I wanted to make sure no one would come after us for some kind of payment to deal with. So I left a few coins in the bucket of the stable boy who was asleep the entire time. He is fine at being there. Obviously, he is tired.

While on horses, we traveled, but the guards were chasing us! I think they were mostly after Riley for taking the horse. Or having weapons… not sure which. We kept moving, but the guards were slowly catching up on their horses. We saw a group of wagons. I suddenly recognized that they were vistani I had seen in some camp sights during my time with the group that went missing! They recognized me real fast and was kind to help me and my friends and my mother out. They hid us. I overheard them talking with the guards. It seems they told them that they saw many people come through, but they couldn’t find the ones they were looking for. I am not quite sure, but I think they were… bribed. He told them we went another direction and the guards left. They took us out of one of the caravans and told us we were safe. I thanked them, but it seems according to Brinna and Riley, we were in a hurry. I told the guy that if they should find the strong man that I still wanted to know how to pick up a large rock with no effort.

We moved through the forests and shortly came across an… old building. The captain of the guards actually came to the building and got a bridge to come down and let him in. It then closed up. Everyone decided to wait. I was bored so I decided to take a nap. I looked around and realized that we left the metal man behind. I kinda wondered what happened to him…

It was becoming early morning when I was awoken by Brinna due to them getting ready to figure out how to get through. Metal man suddenly met up with us! I guess he has some sort of attachment to finding us or something. When he sat down, he had some writing on his back. I stared and looked at it… and started to laugh! Now… I can’t remember what it said anymore… but it was funny at the time. Metal man wasn’t happy with the idea despite me trying not to actually tell him that something is on him.

We went around and found a weak point in the wall. Riley climbed the wall and tried to sneak in. We started to hear sounds of battle and I was thinking Riley was in trouble. Metal man went over to the wall and bashed it open. I was honestly surprised that he could do that without hurting himself! He went in and started attacking. I watched at first and realized that the person in shiney armor next to a camp fire was a gir-…. woman. She started to talk about how we were sent by the witch to take her away. I realized that she was the princess. In my mind, I was surprised. Aren’t princesses supposed to wear fancy looking dresses and look pretty? Anyways, the metal man was telling her that while that is true, it was because her father didn’t repay his debt, much less win the love of her mother. She refused to believe that. Since metal man… was correct… I figured I had to help. I stared at her and concentrated… remembering how mom tried to talk to people in ther mind and make them come over. For a moment, I think I was in her mind. I showed her the images and explained the truth. I couldn’t keep it up for long though and I was quickly getting tired. Does Brinna always have that problem?

Soon, it seemed obvious that if I didn’t go in to stop the people attacking metal man that he was going to die. Seeing as he says he won’t die and is stubborn about it, I figured I should help. I came in and saw Riley was in trouble as well! So I rushed at the people using bows and made some quick work. Some were dodging me though. Before long, I took them down, but one decided to cut me with his sword. I made him pay. I will not kill another unless they harm me first. Following mom’s rules about fighting others like myself:

Fight in self defense, find a way out. If you can’t, its better to kill if they intend to kill you. Otherwise, harm them, but don’t kill them.

Everyone here tried to harm me, except for the Captain of the guard and the lady. I stopped one with the bow from firing at Riley, went out the door and got stopped. He hurt me with his sword so I stabbed him. He was stopped. I went out and tried to help, but it seems the princess decided to… surrender. The captain I think didn’t understand he would lose as he seems confident in winning the battle. The princess got him to stop trying to fight and would offer herself freely to us if we let him go. She was going to cut her own throat! Metal man agreed though… I didn’t get why. I didn’t think he would do such a thing.

The princess talked about wanting to visit some place. Some place that had a gauntlet that she could use which was legendary. If she got that item, she would have a chance to fight the witch. I was fine with it, not really knowing what was going on. Her name was… Yseult. But then I asked her why is it that she is a princess, but not in a dress? She told me that if she had brothers, perhaps she would be in a dress. But because she doesn’t, she had to learn to be tough while doing her duty. I remembered overhearing some people before about how a kiss from a princess is supposed to give you luck. So… I tried to ask confidently and if I could have a kiss. I quickly tried to explain that I heard it was good luck and I wanted to get such luck. It is better than any old looking sword or some clover. She said that she could, but normally, she only does so to knights. She asked if I wanted to be her knight. I said “sure!” Although, I don’t think I would fit in the armor those knights would wear. Now that I think about it… I hope I don’t have to wear it. They seem to be rather heavy. Even Metal man’s armor makes sounds just by normal walking. The princess smiled. She then called my name and gave me… a title! I am…

Sir Chris! Defender of innocence and truth!

Now… we need to go off and find this gauntlet of hers.

We left and followed her. She was holding my hand and walking onward to the place of this gauntlet. She sure was kind, talking to me, asking me questions, telling abit about herself. Soon enough, we found the entrance to this cave. She said that this was the place. We headed up and got ready. I stood by Yseult… ready to defend her as a knight should do. I just ask myself though… Am I ready?

End of Session roundup

Tokens gained
1 Fate for all

Tokens Spent
Chris – 1 Wealth (Paid for 1 horse), 1 Fate (Given to show Yseult the truth)

Current XP: 2330

Active Participants:

At the start of the cave looking for the gauntlet for Yseult

Witches are Scary
A kid wasn't eaten... this time. And Gulbran LIVES.

Note: These Adventure posts by zapoqx are done in the eyes of Chris. Read the character and it may explain many things. If grammer is wrong in anyway, 60% of the time, blame Chris. 10% of it, blame Brinna. The remaining, blame zapoqx. Some portions of the story may refer to NPCs that might be linked. If so, it may further explain certain elements of the story if it was outside the knowledge of Chris.

We went through the swamps. Let me tell you, those swamps are a little sticky and hot. Being attacked by strange things and one with a stick that shot lightning and was short work. Although, that stick was cool, I tried to use it. It turns out that it fired something else. I decided not to keep it, but it seems Brinna does. I don’t know what mom wants to do with it though.

Anywho, Riley (Ryld) obtained an orb. Brinna took it and managed to talk to some old lady on it. She apparently is a witch! Though, mom and Gulbats (Gulbran) say that the witch would eat children. That is wrong! Why would anyone want to eat a child!

So we kept on this path. On our way, we found a little girl who was strapped down on some block. I felt like she was one of those slaves they would kill. Gulbats goes off to save her first. I don’t understand him at all… not that I mind him saving the girl, just his reasoning with the city in… Nightshade Keep? Yes. Anyways, to make his group take over the city by bribing them with an offer or take over the city by force? Still makes me angry! Back to the girl, as soon as Gulbats came over to her, some monster appears from the swamp! It had many wavy legs and kept trying to attack us all with all these legs that picked up many swords! We took it down and saved the girl, but those large bug things really sucked alot of blood out of me and Riley. I showed those bugs a thing or two. No one is allowed to take blood from me unless its Mom!

The little girl was named Roselily, like the flower! She apparently was attacked by Orcs in her village and she had tried to escape, but was captured. She is with us now and is apparently a good cook! I’ll tell you more about it later. Despite being small, she is actually 19! And here I thought she would be someone of my age. Oh well.

We found the witch’s home. It… just didn’t seem like anyone could live in it. Built strange as if this thing could break apart with too much weight. Gulbats decided to go forward. I followed a little. He knocked and the door opened on its own. A voice was heard. It was old… and said a few strange things… creepy things. Something that apparently Elsa likes. Everyone else went inside except me and Roselily. I was not going in to some house that could possibly break apart or an old lady that said creepy stuff.

After some time passed, I saw a person and a few creatures coming to the house. I was a bit scared and called for help. An old man, an ogre, a strange lizard man, and a human-like frog. Gulbats came out and saw these guys. He put himself in front of me as if ready to attack at any moment. They went inside and did nothing to me. Though, that big ogre seemed really dumb. Gulbats went inside and I remained outside.

After a bit, I was a little bored. I decided to walts in and see what they were up to as well as take a peak at this witch. When I edged myself close to the corner of the room entrance, I saw the old witch. She was OLD and UGLY! I was thinking I was better off remaining outside when I looked at the other room and saw a pixie trapped in a cage. I felt sad. No one should be held someplace they don’t want to be, like a slave. I sneaked over to try and open the cage. It was locked. As I’m about to force that lock open, I jumped by the sound going on in the other room. I peered back just to see the ogre’s foot pointed up and the leg upward covered by parts of the house. Riley seemed to be straightening himself. I guess Riley took care of him. I return to the pixie cage and quickly open the lock… possibly by luck. The Pixie flies out of the cage. I turn around and realize the old man is looking at me. Before I could react and just as the guy seems ready to same something, the pixie seems to throw something at the guy. The guy doesn’t say anything about me. In fact, he seems to hate the witch and says it straight to her face. For a moment, I kinda like the guy. The witch didn’t appreciate it and turned him into a two-headed frog. I quickly check around and can’t find the pixie. As long as it is free… but why is there a person here that looks like Kyrta? Maybe she has some sort of plan. I just didn’t think she would get here before us… but than again… why would she come at all if she sent us in the first place? I exit the room and go back to the hall to keep watch of what is going on.

It seems that the witch was going to try and give some people something. The human-like frog seemed to hop out of the room in a hurry and out of the house. Never noticed me. I turned back to the events. By this point, Riley and Gulbats take a taste of this brew. Something called the Nightmare brew. I somehow think its not a good idea to taste such a drink, but they did anyways. Oh, the lizard man also did too. All of a sudden, it seems they all were in pain and something seemed to be showing around them. Gulbats seems to be dragged into the water by some bear. I… am not surprised. The lizard man seems to be running away from a ghost of another lizard man! Riley on the other hand was restrained on some object… trapped with things coming after him. Maybe I was wrong about Riley. Maybe he was once like me…

Soon after, they all stopped. Gulbats was on the ground. The lizard man was also on the ground, but no where on his body seemed to show him breathing though. He was just… laying still. I guess he couldn’t handle seeing whatever he was afraid of. I guess those things really were their nightmares! Riley managed to stay up through it all. Him and the Witch talked about stuff I didn’t really understand. Gulbats got up and was fully aware of his surroundings. He was caught up on what the witch and Riley were talking about. It seems that we need to get a princess. Why? So that some “bargain” can be made. It seems Gulbats was thinking if a war was started by this group, his Empire needs slaves. I was angry about it, but held back. At least I now know what he is afraid of.

After leaving the house, plans were made. We went off to the kingdom that this princess was located. On the way, it seems that the farms were in bad shape and any military person that saw Riley or Gulbats was immediately defensive and not welcomed. I find this wrong for Riley. Gulbats on the other hand, I don’t really care about.

We found the kingdom, but the gates were closed and it was evening. Thinking that it may not be possible to get in with Gulbats and Riley. So me, Brinna, and Roselily were all heading in together since us 3 shouldn’t startle the guards. Inside, even at the current time, the city was busy and much more full. Apparently, the Inns were all full. Something was troubling these people. I asked around and it turns out that some orcs came and destroyed the farms and were… raiding… whatever that meant… everywhere. The King seems to be off gathering allies to help deal with the enemies. It is possible that the King may offer the princess as a reward for whatever Kingdom helps. However, the princess is a problem child… rebellious… something my mother once told me meaning usually never listens and goes their own way ignoring their parents and sometimes laws. I thought about it and decided to ask if there was other rebellious ones. It turns out that there was others. I think if she is rebellious, she is probably with them. So we will go after them!

End of Session roundup

Tokens gained
Ryld – 1 Fate
Chris – 1 Favor

Current XP: 1930

Active Participants:

Inside the city normal way – Brinna, Chris, Roselily
Inside the city somewhere else – Ryld
Outside the city – Gulbran and a Warforged

Catch up to the story
How we began

Since the session started a few months ago, it is quite hard to remember every detail that happened. So to catch anyone up with what has happened, this will be the summed up story (not written in the eyes of any PC).

The group came together in a forest during an attack on the city of Nightshade Keep. Gulbran, Paladin of Bane, and Ryld, a mysterious Drow who has his own agenda, ran into the battle first with 2 bears. They proved to be too tough for Gulbran, but the drow was making some progress. Chris entered the scene and attempted to fight to get them to back off. Soon, Lynnara joined up as well. Together, the bears were defeated, but one was killed while the other went back into the forest.

The group found themselves meeting with a priestess of the Raven Queen named Kyrta. She was almost willing to talk with the Raven Queen for the group when a creepy little girl named Cheska showed up to demand the black fire of the Raven Queen and that the red plague would happen again if nothing is done. After the group defeated her minions and Cheska left, plans were made quickly to find Cheska. The group took a warforged as well as Gulbran’s companion Durom with them and set off to find Cheska.

During their travel, they found Brinna and she was thankful to be reunited with her son, Chris. Brinna nearly persisted on not going with the group and taking Chris with her, but Chris was stricken with the Red Plague and made a promise to help the town. So Brinna reluctantly agreed to help. The group pressed on to find Cheska in her cave. In the middle of their battle, Cheska was almost defeated, but a sudden betrayal by Durom stopped her defeat. Thusly, she escaped. Brinna had an idea of how to cure the disease after seeing who was the one responsible for it, but it was to be dangerous. Chris had to cloak himself and was told to remain not seen. However, the red plague was getting worse and most members were not doing so well. Time was of the essence and they made haste.

The group managed to come across a town Brinna was all too familiar with. The place seemed to be abundant with vampires. At the center was a mansion that held a powerful vampire master. The group infiltrated the town and the mansion, found the cure and battled their way out before the master appeared. They left the town quickly and each took a small bit of the cure potion. They returned to Nightshade Keep with the cure. Unfortunately, Nightshade Keep had a huge enough death toll before the cure could be brought back in time. Everyone still alive was saved, but it was still a price to pay. Everyone took some down time.

Lynnara left to attend to some duties. Meanwhile, Gulbran returned with an army and coersed Kyrta that the army was needed. In doing so, the town would be protected by his empire, but the town must constantly be watched by a bunch of hobgoblins and must agree to their law. Many of the group members did not like this idea and were extremely unhappy with what Gulbran pulled, but there was nothing that could be done. Kyrta agreed.

Kyrta sent the group off to find something deep in a forest. She told them that they’d know what they were looking for when they’d see it. So the group went off, taking Gulbran with them and traveled through the swamps.

The next post is where the story truly begins…

Start of the story, start of the Heroic tier.

Placeholder. Working to add a link contents for every session from the start to last session of Heroic Tier.

Noteable Characters:
Lumon Proudbody

Roselily Featherfoot

  1. Beginning
  2. Middle
  3. Everything was balanced…

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