Empire of Bane

Witches are Scary
A kid wasn't eaten... this time. And Gulbran LIVES.

Note: These Adventure posts by zapoqx are done in the eyes of Chris. Read the character and it may explain many things. If grammer is wrong in anyway, 60% of the time, blame Chris. 10% of it, blame Brinna. The remaining, blame zapoqx. Some portions of the story may refer to NPCs that might be linked. If so, it may further explain certain elements of the story if it was outside the knowledge of Chris.

We went through the swamps. Let me tell you, those swamps are a little sticky and hot. Being attacked by strange things and one with a stick that shot lightning and was short work. Although, that stick was cool, I tried to use it. It turns out that it fired something else. I decided not to keep it, but it seems Brinna does. I don’t know what mom wants to do with it though.

Anywho, Riley (Ryld) obtained an orb. Brinna took it and managed to talk to some old lady on it. She apparently is a witch! Though, mom and Gulbats (Gulbran) say that the witch would eat children. That is wrong! Why would anyone want to eat a child!

So we kept on this path. On our way, we found a little girl who was strapped down on some block. I felt like she was one of those slaves they would kill. Gulbats goes off to save her first. I don’t understand him at all… not that I mind him saving the girl, just his reasoning with the city in… Nightshade Keep? Yes. Anyways, to make his group take over the city by bribing them with an offer or take over the city by force? Still makes me angry! Back to the girl, as soon as Gulbats came over to her, some monster appears from the swamp! It had many wavy legs and kept trying to attack us all with all these legs that picked up many swords! We took it down and saved the girl, but those large bug things really sucked alot of blood out of me and Riley. I showed those bugs a thing or two. No one is allowed to take blood from me unless its Mom!

The little girl was named Roselily, like the flower! She apparently was attacked by Orcs in her village and she had tried to escape, but was captured. She is with us now and is apparently a good cook! I’ll tell you more about it later. Despite being small, she is actually 19! And here I thought she would be someone of my age. Oh well.

We found the witch’s home. It… just didn’t seem like anyone could live in it. Built strange as if this thing could break apart with too much weight. Gulbats decided to go forward. I followed a little. He knocked and the door opened on its own. A voice was heard. It was old… and said a few strange things… creepy things. Something that apparently Elsa likes. Everyone else went inside except me and Roselily. I was not going in to some house that could possibly break apart or an old lady that said creepy stuff.

After some time passed, I saw a person and a few creatures coming to the house. I was a bit scared and called for help. An old man, an ogre, a strange lizard man, and a human-like frog. Gulbats came out and saw these guys. He put himself in front of me as if ready to attack at any moment. They went inside and did nothing to me. Though, that big ogre seemed really dumb. Gulbats went inside and I remained outside.

After a bit, I was a little bored. I decided to walts in and see what they were up to as well as take a peak at this witch. When I edged myself close to the corner of the room entrance, I saw the old witch. She was OLD and UGLY! I was thinking I was better off remaining outside when I looked at the other room and saw a pixie trapped in a cage. I felt sad. No one should be held someplace they don’t want to be, like a slave. I sneaked over to try and open the cage. It was locked. As I’m about to force that lock open, I jumped by the sound going on in the other room. I peered back just to see the ogre’s foot pointed up and the leg upward covered by parts of the house. Riley seemed to be straightening himself. I guess Riley took care of him. I return to the pixie cage and quickly open the lock… possibly by luck. The Pixie flies out of the cage. I turn around and realize the old man is looking at me. Before I could react and just as the guy seems ready to same something, the pixie seems to throw something at the guy. The guy doesn’t say anything about me. In fact, he seems to hate the witch and says it straight to her face. For a moment, I kinda like the guy. The witch didn’t appreciate it and turned him into a two-headed frog. I quickly check around and can’t find the pixie. As long as it is free… but why is there a person here that looks like Kyrta? Maybe she has some sort of plan. I just didn’t think she would get here before us… but than again… why would she come at all if she sent us in the first place? I exit the room and go back to the hall to keep watch of what is going on.

It seems that the witch was going to try and give some people something. The human-like frog seemed to hop out of the room in a hurry and out of the house. Never noticed me. I turned back to the events. By this point, Riley and Gulbats take a taste of this brew. Something called the Nightmare brew. I somehow think its not a good idea to taste such a drink, but they did anyways. Oh, the lizard man also did too. All of a sudden, it seems they all were in pain and something seemed to be showing around them. Gulbats seems to be dragged into the water by some bear. I… am not surprised. The lizard man seems to be running away from a ghost of another lizard man! Riley on the other hand was restrained on some object… trapped with things coming after him. Maybe I was wrong about Riley. Maybe he was once like me…

Soon after, they all stopped. Gulbats was on the ground. The lizard man was also on the ground, but no where on his body seemed to show him breathing though. He was just… laying still. I guess he couldn’t handle seeing whatever he was afraid of. I guess those things really were their nightmares! Riley managed to stay up through it all. Him and the Witch talked about stuff I didn’t really understand. Gulbats got up and was fully aware of his surroundings. He was caught up on what the witch and Riley were talking about. It seems that we need to get a princess. Why? So that some “bargain” can be made. It seems Gulbats was thinking if a war was started by this group, his Empire needs slaves. I was angry about it, but held back. At least I now know what he is afraid of.

After leaving the house, plans were made. We went off to the kingdom that this princess was located. On the way, it seems that the farms were in bad shape and any military person that saw Riley or Gulbats was immediately defensive and not welcomed. I find this wrong for Riley. Gulbats on the other hand, I don’t really care about.

We found the kingdom, but the gates were closed and it was evening. Thinking that it may not be possible to get in with Gulbats and Riley. So me, Brinna, and Roselily were all heading in together since us 3 shouldn’t startle the guards. Inside, even at the current time, the city was busy and much more full. Apparently, the Inns were all full. Something was troubling these people. I asked around and it turns out that some orcs came and destroyed the farms and were… raiding… whatever that meant… everywhere. The King seems to be off gathering allies to help deal with the enemies. It is possible that the King may offer the princess as a reward for whatever Kingdom helps. However, the princess is a problem child… rebellious… something my mother once told me meaning usually never listens and goes their own way ignoring their parents and sometimes laws. I thought about it and decided to ask if there was other rebellious ones. It turns out that there was others. I think if she is rebellious, she is probably with them. So we will go after them!

End of Session roundup

Tokens gained
Ryld – 1 Fate
Chris – 1 Favor

Current XP: 1930

Active Participants:

Inside the city normal way – Brinna, Chris, Roselily
Inside the city somewhere else – Ryld
Outside the city – Gulbran and a Warforged

Catch up to the story
How we began

Since the session started a few months ago, it is quite hard to remember every detail that happened. So to catch anyone up with what has happened, this will be the summed up story (not written in the eyes of any PC).

The group came together in a forest during an attack on the city of Nightshade Keep. Gulbran, Paladin of Bane, and Ryld, a mysterious Drow who has his own agenda, ran into the battle first with 2 bears. They proved to be too tough for Gulbran, but the drow was making some progress. Chris entered the scene and attempted to fight to get them to back off. Soon, Lynnara joined up as well. Together, the bears were defeated, but one was killed while the other went back into the forest.

The group found themselves meeting with a priestess of the Raven Queen named Kyrta. She was almost willing to talk with the Raven Queen for the group when a creepy little girl named Cheska showed up to demand the black fire of the Raven Queen and that the red plague would happen again if nothing is done. After the group defeated her minions and Cheska left, plans were made quickly to find Cheska. The group took a warforged as well as Gulbran’s companion Durom with them and set off to find Cheska.

During their travel, they found Brinna and she was thankful to be reunited with her son, Chris. Brinna nearly persisted on not going with the group and taking Chris with her, but Chris was stricken with the Red Plague and made a promise to help the town. So Brinna reluctantly agreed to help. The group pressed on to find Cheska in her cave. In the middle of their battle, Cheska was almost defeated, but a sudden betrayal by Durom stopped her defeat. Thusly, she escaped. Brinna had an idea of how to cure the disease after seeing who was the one responsible for it, but it was to be dangerous. Chris had to cloak himself and was told to remain not seen. However, the red plague was getting worse and most members were not doing so well. Time was of the essence and they made haste.

The group managed to come across a town Brinna was all too familiar with. The place seemed to be abundant with vampires. At the center was a mansion that held a powerful vampire master. The group infiltrated the town and the mansion, found the cure and battled their way out before the master appeared. They left the town quickly and each took a small bit of the cure potion. They returned to Nightshade Keep with the cure. Unfortunately, Nightshade Keep had a huge enough death toll before the cure could be brought back in time. Everyone still alive was saved, but it was still a price to pay. Everyone took some down time.

Lynnara left to attend to some duties. Meanwhile, Gulbran returned with an army and coersed Kyrta that the army was needed. In doing so, the town would be protected by his empire, but the town must constantly be watched by a bunch of hobgoblins and must agree to their law. Many of the group members did not like this idea and were extremely unhappy with what Gulbran pulled, but there was nothing that could be done. Kyrta agreed.

Kyrta sent the group off to find something deep in a forest. She told them that they’d know what they were looking for when they’d see it. So the group went off, taking Gulbran with them and traveled through the swamps.

The next post is where the story truly begins…

Start of the story, start of the Heroic tier.

Placeholder. Working to add a link contents for every session from the start to last session of Heroic Tier.

Noteable Characters:
Lumon Proudbody

Roselily Featherfoot

  1. Beginning
  2. Middle
  3. Everything was balanced…

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