Vier Thraearra

Matron of House Claddndar and Ryld's Mother



The house matron of Claddndar, Vier possesses all the traits one might come to expect from a noble, cunning, patient, and refined. However unlike most nobles you might see in human kingdoms, she is no stranger to the dangers that are commonplace in the underdark. Combining both the social graces of a noble’s court, with a warrior’s savagery on the battlefield, many times they are one in the same.

She is well known as almost impossible to read, putting on a smile and warm façade, biding her time, seemingly unaware of any scheming happening around her. Luring would be upstarts into a false sense of security for years, sometimes decades before snuffing them out as quickly as one might brush an insect from your shoulder. She keeps an air utmost civility about her, an unnerving calm, enough to make even the most stalwart of individuals skin crawl. For despite that calm, cool demeanor, a darkness lurks, blacker than anything in the underdark. Those who have seen it know few things more terrifying than to gain the ire of this woman.

It is because of these traits perhaps that she has lasted longer than most matrons of other houses; individuals give pause to lofty ideals of overthrowing one that is so difficult to predict.


Vier Thraearra

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