The mysterious, unpersonable crossbowmen

Ryld1.jpg Ryld2.jpg
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Drow
  • Class: Hunter
  • Deity: The Raven Queen
  • Age: 106 (109 post paragon)
  • Height: 5’6
  • Weight: 150lbs
  • Eye Color: Amber (Red post paragon)
HP AC Fort Reflex Will Surges Speed Passive Perception Passive Insight
75 26 19 25 20 7 7 23 18

Typically out of sight or at least remaining inconspicuous, he hides his identity for unknown reasons. Wielding a crossbow he keeps hidden beneath his cloak, he tends to avoid combat that does not directly coincide with his goals, attacking from the shadows and disappearing just as quickly if need be. His objectives are unknown, but it is clear he does not put much value on interacting with others, at least those who are not tied to whatever it is he seeks.

Fate Tokens Wealth Tokens Favor Tokens
0 0 3


  • Trained in Endurance +5(Sabbatical)
  • Proficient in Bluff +2(Sabbatical)
  • Proficient in Nature +2(Sabbatical)
  • Proficient in Arcana +2(Sabbatical)
  • Proficient in Thievery +2(Sabbatical)
  • Proficient in Intimidate +2(Sabbatical)
  • Expert in Stealth +Inherent Weapon Bonus (Sabbatical)
  • Expert in Streetwise +inherent Weapon Bonus (3 Sabbatical points spent at level 11)

Appearance/Mannerisms (Post Paragon)

Since the defeat of the Elder Sign nearly three and a half years have passed, the state of the world as been relatively calm for the most part, and yet something is different about the drow. His eyes have changed slowly, from that of a soft golden color to a deep blood red. He keeps himself even more hidden away than before, his features concealed beneath dark cloth and leather, even in bright light his form is obscured as if by some unnatural darkness. Those who do see find it hard to focus on any one part of him, as if looking through a fog. It’s rumored that many a night he has been heard speaking to someone in the library of Izbek, although all accounts swear him alone at the time.



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