"My clan, the silverwings, came from a land far away from this place. We were proud warriors, ninja." - Rook


Rook was a person that ended up getting himself thrown in jail for an issue he cause while in The City of Lanterns. The party rescued him as he may have been the key to finding the Avatar of the Raven Queen. Much to the group’s dismay, he lied about knowing where the avatar was, but he did have a method through an amulet.

After the events and on the return to Nightshade keep, Lumon asks him about what he had wanted to ask the Avatar before being interrupted. Rook explains that he is the last of his clan, the Silverwings. A clan of ninjas. The clan found themselves facing extermination for supporting the wrong side and they asked the lady of fate to spare them. If she did, they would promise eternal service to her. The tables turned and the silverwings came to power after the 2 heirs of their rivals killed each other. Unfortunately, the silverwings’ forefathers quickly forgot their vow and served gold, power, and glory. Soon, the dynasty threatened to parish and the silverwings understood it was because they lost their honor and offended the mistress of fate. Rook’s brothers and siblings roamed the lands like ronin seeking to send the unworthy to the raven queen. Although, the vow ended up remaining unfulfilled too long and the Raven Queen would not be satisfied except with their lives. Each year, they became few in number. Rook’s family, the last of the silverwings came to the city of red lanterns to find the raven Queen to spare the clan. But soon, they fell to the lure of that place and were taken by Yang’tse.

So it came down to just Rook. As he puts it, the Raven Queen’s curse will take him to, so “Eat, drink, gamble, sing! Tomorrow we die, eh?”


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