Qualn Thraearra

Ryld's Younger Sister


A physically large woman, especially by drow standards, standing a solid 6’0 with an imposing muscular build. She is ruthless and cunning, with a tactical mind on the present, although tends to dismiss the value of planning for the long term, and has been known to easily lose sight of her objective when provoked.


Captain of the High Guard, and younger blood sister to Ryld, Qualn inherited much of her mother’s divine talent; however that is where the similarities end. Violent, overbearing, proud, and quick to anger, she rose to her position not simply because of her bloodline, but rather because of her heavy handed tactics tended to be useful to her mother, although keeping her in check as proved more challenging than originally anticipated.

She holds a particular distain for her older brother, mostly due in large part to his elevated status within the house, at least for a male. While technically she holds a higher rank than Ryld could ever hope, their mother has time and again put substantially more emphasis on him considering his position. Devoting far more resources to his recovery than Qualn deems necessary, although this is in large part due to her lack of understanding the intricacies involved in the various pacts and rituals concerning their clan’s power.

Qualn Thraearra

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