Lua Thraearra

Ryld's Daughter



A young drow around the age of 10, Lua has amber eyes like her father before his demonic tainting, and white hair. Her expression however is softer than that of other drow, lacking even the smallest hint of ill intent that even the youngest of drow possess.


Lua is the legitimate daughter of Ryld, brought about as to continue the clan bloodline before his eventual passing from the ritual he is bound to. His escape and departure was completely unexpected, and as such knows little to nothing about her father.

Her mother was a lower level noble, adopted into the house by mere chance and a lot of luck. Lua’s birth was part of a bargain her mother agreed to in an attempt to gain status and power within the house. Unfortunately as is the case in drow society she never saw the chance, Vier has convinced Lua her mother was eaten by Lolth, although political assassination is a far more likely story.

With her mother dead and her father missing she has since been taken in by Vier, although she treats the girl uncannily well even for a drow. As such Lua has grown quite attached to her grandmother, although she is aware of what Vier is capable of, she seems to accept such things as simply the norm. Lua is a rare abnormality in drow society in that she lacks the vicious nature of the rest of her kind, normally such a child would likely be killed at birth or sacrificed to Lolth. However Vier has allowed her to live as leverage against Ryld, a fact that Lua has remained unaware of.

Lua Thraearra

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