Half-elf cleric of Ioun


Jyn is 26 years old. He is 5’10, about 160 lbs and in good physical condition. He has brown hair and eyes and a light complexion.

Jyn wears scale armor, and carries a heavy shield and a singing stick. Among his adventuring gear is a ritual book, as well as a journal that bears the symbol of Ioun on it’s cover. Jyn never fails to write in the journal before going to sleep at night.


Jyn is a half-elf cleric of Ioun. He was born with a twin sister named Jan. When they were ten, they were playing in the river on a raft they built together. While not paying attention, Jyn hit his head on a low tree branch and fell into the river, knocked out. Jan pulled him back out, but he almost drowned. He did not wake up for a week.

Two days before he awoke, a 3-year old girl named Oola wandered off into the woods and went missing. The whole village looked for her, but she left no trace. When Jyn woke up, the first words out of his mouth were “I know where Oola is.” Jan was there when he woke up, but their parents were out helping to look for Oola. Jyn was still unsteady, but Jan helped him get up. With Jan supporting Jyn, they walked out into the forest. Ten minutes later, they came to a cave. Just inside the cave, they found Oola, hungry and scared, but otherwise unharmed.

As they got older, there were more and more times when Jyn just seemed to know things that he should not have known. For instance, he always seemed to be able to find anything anyone in his family had misplaced. He also seemed to know when a big storm was going to hit days before there were any signs of bad weather.

Some in the village were wary of him, saying he was bewitched and had black magic about him. But there was one man who was traveling through town, a priest of Ioun, who recognized what was happening to him. He told him that his insight into things was a gift from Ioun and that it marked him as one of her chosen. He said that Ioun had plans for him, as well as his sister, Jan.

When they got old enough, the two of them traveled to a monastery dedicated to Ioun in order to study and join the order. While Jan was a hard worker and loved to read anything she got her hands on, it was much harder for Jyn. He was not a very fast reader, and it took him much longer to learn things than his sister. Despite this, he learned to really love Ioun and her teachings.

His sister went on to become a priestess. Her great intelligence and skill propelled her quickly up the ranks of the organized church. Recently, she was made the high priestess of a temple. Jyn, on the other hand went on to join a small but dedicated group of Ioun followers known as the Order of the Living Tome. Jyn knew that hours of study in libraries and at the temple was not for him. He wanted to see the world. The Order of the Living Tome was the perfect way for him to do that while worshipping Ioun.

The order is dedicated to collecting more knowledge just by living life. They believe that true understanding comes not from reading about things and studying them, but by doing and experiencing things. They are dedicated to trying to live full lives and recording their experiences. Members of the order generally take up professions such as merchant, performer, adventurer, fortune teller, bounty hunter, or something else that allows them to meet lots of people and learn new things. Jyn decided to become an adventurer. He is able to meet new people, see new things and help people.

Jyn became a full-fledged cleric about 3 ½ years ago. Early in his career, he was part of an expedition to Arguros, the lost city of the mages. They were there to study the city and learn what they could about it, as well as search for lost tomes of knowledge and magic items. While there, the group came across Simon, an intelligent ape who had control of the other apes in the city. He was working on a formula to make the other apes as intelligent as he was, trying to replicate what his master did to him. Jyn worked with Simon, and helped him to complete his formula.

With Simon as their leader, the newly intelligent apes now rule Arguros. Because of the assistance that Jyn gave to Simon, the church of Ioun has an agreement with the apes. Followers of Ioun are allowed free access to all parts of the city. Together, the church and the apes have worked to disable traps and wards in the city to make it a safer place.

After the war between the Empire and the orcs started, the Empire had to move much of their troops out of their more remote towns and settlements. The empire began hiring adventurers to help out in these remote areas. Jyn has spent much of his time over the last 2 years working with other adventurers and helping to defend these towns from monster raids and other troubles that have popped up.


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