A witch living in the swamps, who holds Kyrta's sister as a slave.




All that is known is she is a witch that lives in the swamp in a hut and has Kyrta’s sister as a slave. The hut itself seems to be structured in a way that it should collapse at anytime into the swamp due to its foundation.

Elsa has a bargain to give, but only after the test is awarded to whom she favors for the reward. The participants were:

  • Ryld – Who won the contest
  • Gulbran – went unconscious after seeing his nightmare.
  • Gelf – Turned into a double headed frog for insulting the Witch.
  • Korgov – Lies unconscious in the collapsed portion the hut.
  • Sessrev – Assumingly died by nightmare.
  • Some Bullywog who spoke a different language – He ran after the thought of a taste of some brew called “Nightmare brew”


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