A disillusioned paladin of Bane




From an early age, Durom showed promise as a soldier. An aggressive, ruthless lad who bullied and dominated his classmates (a virtuous quality among hobgoblins), young Durom was accepted as an acolyte of the church of Bane, and achieved his paladin investure in only two years. Durom has fought in over a dozen military campaigns and slain hundreds of enemy soldiers in service to the Izbek empire.

Upon reaching 40 years, Durom suddenly grew despondent. He took a post in the capital rather than seeking to remain in lands where he could find battle (as was his previous habit), and he soon fell to heavy drink. A year later, Durom ignominiously abanoned the Izbek empire and traveled to Nightshade Keep.

At the start of the campaign, Gulbran was sent to find the now AWOL paladin. There, Durom revealed the reason for his sudden departure.

“I’ve fought hundreds of batttles. Slain scores of hundred enemies. I can feel my time fading. Bane is a lie. What glory is there in battle and a hundredfold victory if in the end time and age slay me and my memory fades.”

Not wanting to be dishonorably discharged, Durom agreed to accompany Gulbran back to the empire after talking to Kyrta, a cleric of the Raven Queen, in an attempt to gain some spiritual guidance. However, this meeting never occurred. Cheska appeared soon after in Nightshade Keep, raising the spirits of plague-bearing ghosts. The group hunted the necromancer into the forest and in the ensuing battle, Durom listened as Cheska spoke of her goal of immortality by becoming undead. Durom, suddenly realizing there might be hope of cheating the death that he dreaded, switched sides and fled with Cheska.


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