The creepy little girl that placed a curse on the heroes.




Cheska appears to be a powerful necromancer despite her apparent young age of approximately 15. Cheska made her first appearance in the campaign at the monastery of the Raven Queen in Nightshade Keep. She made a demand for the mysterious Black Lantern. When Kyrta refused, she summoned the spirits of those slain by the Red Plague who subsequently infected the town (and the player’s characters) with the deadly disease.

With less than 24 hours to live before the plague claimed their lives, the group set off in search of the necromancer, tracking her to a cave in the forest outside of Valadvia. During the ensuing battle Cheska spoke of her desire to gain immortality via unlife. Brinna and Cheska argued, and Brinna showed that she posseses knowledge of Cheska from prior to the group having met her. The hobgoblin Durom was intrigued by Cheska and, sharing her desire for immortality, he switched sides during the combat and the two fled the heroes.

Cheska ended up helping the group under the agreement of Gulbran when the group managed to capture her. With Durom dead, she chose to help Gulbran. She helped up until revealing her plans of becoming a lich in order to battle her father, who was also a lich. After admitting this, Chris killed her to stop her from becoming a lich in the future.


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