The little boy with mysterious powers and a strange colored eye that glows.

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Soulknife (Psionic)
  • Age: 14 (10 at start all the way through Heroic)
  • Height: 5’3" (4’2" at start of campaign)
  • Weight: 111 lbs (65 lbs at start of campaign)
  • Eyes: Right: Purple1 | Left: Blue
HP AC Fort Reflex Will Surges Speed Power Points Passive Perception Passive Insight
90 282 24 302 28 8 8 9 23 20

Chris - made by hammerspace


  • Wealth: 18
  • Fate: 3
  • Ritual: 5
  • Favor: 10

Brief description

He does not seem to carry any weapons (sans the toy wooden sword sheathed on his side). However, he can make weapons at-will and make them glow, although it seems anything he makes is limited to purple in color. He can also make shields, but their durability has yet to be seen.


This is being used to keep track of how certain things have been given.

First – After the red plague

  • Partial Training to Endurance

Second – After the Witch incident

  • Full Training to Endurance
  • Focused Training Subconscious Strike (lvl 4 → 6)
  • Partial Training to Streetwise
  • Partial Training to Heal (2 Favor Tokens)
  • Learned Deep Speech (2 Favor Tokens)

Third – After Round 2 of Chevska

  • Partial Training to Full to Heal
  • Focused Training to Subconscious Strike (lvl 6 → 8)

Fourth – Training for the Impending Battle

  • Partial Training to Full Training to Streetwise
  • Partial Training to Dungeoneering
  • Focused Training Subconscious Strike (Lvl 8→ 10)
  • Learned Goblin (2 Favor Tokens)

Five – Paragon hitting

  • Partial Training to Insight
  • Partial training to Bluff
  • Ritual – Mind Reading
  • Familiar Training – Hoot is considered the arcane familiar Owl, but only in Passive mode and cannot grant Active Benefit what so ever. This does not mean that Chris qualifies as the benefits that grant Arcane Familiar.
  • (2 Favor Tokens) – Can Construct vehicles with the power of Chris’ mind, without propulsion.

Six – ????

Combat Style


Chris is very quick and tends to mimic similar movements to Brinna. Because of his young and small body, he currently uses lots of flexibility and maneuvers that isn’t seen in most adult and young adult maneuvers while exhibiting peak reaction. He tends to try to stay quicker than his enemies and just out of reach while using cautionary and reactive attacks. Unfortunately, his training seems to limit him on focused by sight as he always looks at his targets. His high reaction timing at least lets him look at everyone closely and specifically around him before going through with an attack.


After 3 and a half years of time off from the hefty amount of Adventuring, Chris has become much more individualistic with his combat style. His agility still exists and his body has become much more limber with his light muscles showing, but more lanky-slender body form. It is still amazing to see him move so swiftly with such little effort. Sometimes, it seems like he blinks across the field.

Regalia of Good Payback

With the Regalia of Good gone, Chris has decided to opt out of taking a quick and easy route to fix his “curse” via a magical means. To fix it, he has to abide by the rules and complete them

“His honor lost, but not forgotten.
a soul can be cleaned though it be now sodden.
A healing of curse, wound, or disease… *
A noble gift, for one to please…*
A burden removed, a body eased… *
A beast slain, its evil gone…*
A journey taken, great and long…
A Relic gained, and to be made full…*
Last of all, a miracle.*”

So far of the above, it should be noted that the following should have been completed…

  • A Relic gained, and to be made full – Helping find the Elder Sign.
  • A Beast slain, its evil gone – Helped take out the Shoth-Gorag.
  • A Noble gift, for one to please – Gave a lock of the nymph’s hair to Loralyth.
  • A healing of curse, wound, or disease… – Getting a Cure for Brinna
  • Last of all, a miracle – Help curing Brinna of Vampirism.
  • A burden Removed, a body eased – Removed the demon Caewyn from Red


  (Head Slot)  
  Green Elven Cloak +2
(Safewing Amulet)
Quickhit Braces (H)   (Hands Slot)
(Main Hand Slot) Mundane Leather Armor (Off Hand Slot)
(Ring Slot)   (Ring Slot)
  (Waist Slot)  
(Tattoo Slot) (Feet Slot) Controller’s Ki Focus +3


1 It glows when he seems to use any powers.

2 This can easily change depending on weapons and/or powers used.

3. (FORMERLY AROUND) This crown gives a +1 to all non-ac stats. In addition, Gives Detect Evil and a Daily Stun attack against Evil creatures. So far, only Chris seems to be worthy to don the crown. This is a homebrew item adaption of the original D&D 3.x version. He ended up losing it for killing Chevska, quite possibly due to the fact that despite him doing something he believes it was good, the action doesn’t justify the means.


To the DM: This is the doc

  1. Personality
  2. Before the Group
    1. (Subject to change as time progresses)
    2. New Life
    3. Training
  3. After meeting the group
    1. Worshipping the Raven Queen
    2. The Regalia of Good crown
  4. The Gypsies
  5. Special Notes


  • Chris doesn’t seem to be as fazed about death.
  • He is genuinely happy it seems.
  • He is very curious to life it seems and talkative. Sometimes too talkative.
  • His vocabulary could use some work.

He tends to stay close with Brinna.

Before the group

Note: Updated as time passes.

New Life

The person that saved me turned out to be a beautiful girl. She was strangely strong. She took me to a tavern where she got us a room and fed me the most amazing meal I’ve had in a long while. For a moment, I didn’t want the large meal mainly because of understanding supplies was never in high demand. She insisted however and I did not disobey. I could not. I was not sure if I would have another meal so I ate.

After, she told me that I was to sleep in the bed that was better than any bed I’ve seen! In fact, the only better one before was something one of the people that captured me before had. The girl at the time kept herself cloaked with cloth and hidden from light. I figured it was her style like the people that took my family in had on them. I was still worried that she might do something to me and was just trying to be nice. When she took off her cloak, she was pretty enough. I almost dare think she is the type that many of the guards would have wanted to take her and keep her, but for what, I do not know. I felt at peace thinking that she won’t hurt me. As I thought this, she told me “I won’t hurt you” which I believed her. I told her that she wouldn’t because she was pretty and pretty girls don’t hurt people. I think I had mentioned as well that pretty girls take care of brothers and sisters as well.

She had plans to take me to a temple, but I remembered how the temples were with children from some of the places those travelers took my family. I didn’t want to go and argued for another way or at least follow her. After some time, she finally decided to not let me go to the temple. She insisted then that I go to bed. At first, I wasn’t going to because it was the only bed and she would need one herself, but she said she didn’t need one and got me to go. So I went in to bed. It was hard though. I could not go to sleep as my mind started to make me see everything that took place today. It was terrifying and I was close to crying.

The lady must have felt how scared I was or maybe knew that I was going to cry. She made me feel better as I felt her hand on my back, which was slightly cold.

I awoke in the morning to find food on the table and some clothes. I didn’t want to touch the clothes because I was thinking they were for someone else. But the food must have been for me, or so I was thinking, and I ran over to the table to eat. Shortly after, the lady came in and was happy to see I was awake. She told me when I was done with the food, I would need to get dressed. She then mentioned that I would be learning how to be useful and defend myself as she was not going to have “baggage” with her. I wasn’t sure if I could learn how to defend myself. She asked for my name, to which I told her was Chris. At the time though, I wasn’t sure how to respond since I was thinking about the defending myself aspect. She told me her name was Brinna. I don’t know why, but she just felt warm no matter how far I was from her. She reminded me of my mother.

After getting ready, we headed out and made our way out of the city. I looked back once to remember that it may have been bad there, but it would be fine from now on as long as I’m with Brinna.


For several months during our travels, Brinna had things that needed to be done. I never really understood what was being done. However, outside of what she had to do, she would train me. She told me that many bad people could try to hurt me. I didn’t like the training for a long while. I think she was not as happy doing so, unsure if it was because that I was not getting it or that I didn’t like the demands for it.

When we passed by a town, Brinna had to do some errands. She saw some kids around my age playing with some wooden swords. I guess she noticed my awe in watching. She managed to obtain a toy sword for me and send me off to play.

Unfortunately, when she returned, she saw that I was sitting around not happy. She looked at my hand and saw that my fingers were red and scraped. She also saw my shoulder. She demanded I tell her the truth and I felt I had to tell her, but I wasn’t sure why. I had no idea how to fight with swords. The kids had told me it was easy. But, at one point, one of them decided to test and see what I could do with one. I blocked it, but lost the grip of the weapon because it surprised me on the feel in my hand. They told me to grab my sword and not drop it. Things kept getting worse as my fingers got hit. I had also missed an attack and got hit in the shoulder. It hurt, but I didn’t stop. I could barely hold the sword. Brinna sighed at the time. She first fixed my shoulder, which hurt, but felt good after. She then had me climb on her back and had me go out of town with her.

From that city, during the travels, she tricked me into playing some games. I hadn’t played any game with her in a while, but I look back on it now and know that they were training games to help me fight.

She was stronger than I was. In fact, I don’t think I could ever match her strength, even now. However, she did teach me to use my speed and my agility to my advantage. In terms of offense, she could not get me to actually hit and be felt like hit. It would sometimes feel like a tag to her.

After another month of training, a day came that I didn’t know that I could do. During the training, Brinna was trying to get me to attack and hit her straight in the stomach while using my agility. I was hating that I could not match up in strength and I wanted to hope that I could be like a cat and just scratch instead of punch and then have training be over with. From my hands, claws had been created and was made of purple light. I connected with her arm where she quickly threw me away. “That wasn’t part of the training” I complained, rubbing my head. She, again, reminded me of how one should expect the unexpected. She had asked me how I did that and I told her what I was thinking. She tried to get me to do it again, but I wasn’t sure if I could.

She had me try to make a dinner knife and pretend that I’m a warrior rescuing her from some bad person. I had a hard time visualizing her as bad. For some reason though, she caused me to get angry when she reminded me how useless I’d be if I let the bad person win and take her away. I visualized my mother being alive for the second time briefly just to get killed, then I was thinking if Brinna would get killed almost the same way. I felt that tingle feeling on my head around my right eye again, but I became angry. I made a knife that grew larger than the size I thought. I hit Brinna square in the arm and pushed her back from the hit! She didn’t seem to know how to react. I apologized quickly and came running over to her as she was down on one knee. I thought I hit her too hard, but I don’t know how hard of a hit can she take. She told me not to worry and I helped her up and let her rest, gaining back some of the blood she lost with the cat scratch earlier.

From then on, apparently my right eye would glow according to her whenever I made these weapons out of nothing. I questioned where this came from and I was thinking if anyone else had ever had this ability. Brinna didn’t know of it, but she was going to try and find out. Until then, she had me learn how to use this weapon creation to my benefit.

After the group meetup

Chris was on his way to Nightshade Keep when he came across a metal armored warrior in battle with 2 bears. The 2 bears viciously won that battle as a mysterious cloaked crossbowman came to the scene. The Crossbowman managed to get one of them to come after him, but the other tried to get ready to have dinner. Chris stepped in just to assist and distract. It did semi-work as the warrior came back on his feat, but the warrior aggravated the bear again just to go down with another strike. Chris figured the warrior must not want to live. Unknown to Chris, a tree lady came over and managed to calm one of the bears. That bear was forced to attack the other bear where it seemed to bite it down to the ground as it laid dead.

After the battle, Chris comes over and pokes the armored warrior that was a hobgoblin paladin to see if he was ok or dead. Chris became surprised when the tree lady walked over and healed him of his wounds (but more so because he didn’t pay attention to behind him). After the paladin got up, Chris went to see the crossbowman and try to ask for his help to find his mother1. Unfortunately, the cloaked crossbowman didn’t take too kindly to Chris’ approach. After some convincing by Veld, the crossbowman named Ryld, took Chris with him. Although to simply use because of some benefit for meeting Kyrta or perhaps maybe there is other benefit to him, time will tell.

Worshipping the Raven Queen

As some end up learning, as a human, Chris seems to follow the Raven Queen. At the same time, it seems he only knows the most about the Raven Queen in comparison to the near nil knowledge of other deities. Although, of the group, Gulbran’s attempts at mentioning Bane does give Chris some knowledge, but assumingly, not enough to look further into it. Maybe this will or will not change, but so far, he has followed much of the Raven Queen’s ways.

The Regalia of Good Crown

It has been revealed that while Yseult is not worthy of the crown, Chris is. Chris has questioned though why the crown chose him over a princess that has to care for her people. The crown has helped Chris in judging who is bad or not.

The Gypsies

Chris apparently seemed to know a group of traveling gypsies during a runaway from Cedarvale. 6 guardsman on horses were chasing Brinna, Chris, Ryld, and Roselily during this time. Chris asked the people to help as he remembered them. They seemed to remember who he was. After hiding, the leader got the guards frustrated and sent them on their way. The group continued off with Chris telling him that if they should find “The Strong Man” to tell him that Chris wants to still learn how to lift a boulder.

Special Notes

  • Chris gets unofficially knighted as Sir Chris: Defender of innocence and truth. He even gets kissed by Yseult on the cheek.
  • Chris was the only one to pay a wealth token for a horse back in Cedarvale before the group rushed after the captain of the knights.
  • Has the crown of good artifact

1 Chris has yet to say anything more about his mother other than hoping to find people that could.


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