Chelyse Thraearra

Ryld's Youngest Sister



Youngest of Vier Thraearra’s children, Chelyse differs greatly from her older siblings in both ability and personality. She is more alike to her mother than Ryld or Qualn in terms of ability, a talented summoner, she displayed great potential from her early childhood. She is cunning and ruthless, although lacks the experience to understand the subtleties of dealing with certain situations as her mother does. Instead her childlike nature remains, seemingly innocent and carefree, whether gossiping with her mother or breaking demons to her will, it matters not, both are treated as amusement. Unlike her siblings she shows nothing but absolute admiration for her mother, while Ryld holds both an equal amount of fear and hatred towards his mother and Qualn fosters quiet disdain as she waits for the proper time to usurp power, however unlikely that may be. Chelyse shows an almost fervent and overzealous attitude towards winning her mother’s approval, willing to go to any lengths to display her ability and gain her mother’s affection, often times running headlong into situations with reckless abandon that are far out of her control.

To this extent it could be said she may be the most dangerous of the siblings, as some might say the greatest weakness of the drow are themselves, the constant plotting and infighting acting as a sort of balance to keep them in check. Chelyse however shows no sign of such tendencies, at least towards her mother who would normally be one of the first targets of any drow child.

She has a spoiled attitude one might expect from a noble of any race, the teachings of drow superiority simply reinforcing this fact when dealing with others. Despite this, her bubbly attitude masks a darker nature, a child who has never truly grown up, one who would raise entire cities to the ground if she ever grow bored enough.


Chelyse Thraearra

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