Brinna, Human Vampire


Female Human Vampire
Height: 5’
Weight: 95 lbs.
Hair: Red
Eyes: Hazel (Blue/Green)
Age: 43
Died: Age 19
Diety: Raven Queen

Brinna dresses in black and red finery that is slightly tattered and torn. She covers herself with a thick black cloak during daylight, and wears a symbol of The Raven Queen around her neck. She carries almost no possessions.

Despite her small stature, Brinna is ruthless in battle. Battle being the only place she allows herself to drink the blood of others.


Brinna master4
Brinna couldn’t remember the last time she was so hungry. Indeed with her master she had always been full. She was hoping to find some rats in this god forsaken alley, but their instincts about her proved better than a humans. They were difficult to locate. She heard a cry from the mouth of the alley and turned to find a woman and a young boy running towards her. Behind them she could see several slavers following them. None seemed to notice her hiding in the shadows. The men quickly caught up with the pair. The woman tried to protect her son, shoving him behind her, but she was quickly overpowered by them. As she was ripped from her son he cried out for her. One of the men quickly landed a blow to the boy’s head, knocking him down in the process. As he pushed himself up from the dirt she caught the faint whiff of blood and saw a small trickle work its way down his face. Her veins suddenly felt dry as dust and they cried out for her to take her fill of this boy. It would be so easy, and it would be over before he knew it. She started towards him but as her gaze shifted to his face, she froze. He looked so much like Aedin! She shook her head as if to ward off her hunger. She couldn’t betray him again.
A cry rose from the mother again. She was fighting tooth and nail against her captors. One of them decided they were tired of struggling with her and pull a long knife from its sheath. The boy watched on as the man repeatedly stabbed his mother. Her heart broke for the boy as tears ran down his face. She started at that thought. Since when did she care about some boy? What did it matter what happened to him and his mother? She did not know these people, and even if she had, she probably wouldn’t have cared.
“We still have the boy, and he’ll go for a pretty penny,” the man with the knife spoke into the quiet of the alley. He carelessly wiped the blade on the mother’s pants before turning to the boy. The boy had drawn his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around them. With his face hidden in his body he looked as though he was protecting himself. Her heart tugged again. She couldn’t let those monsters have the boy. As she moved silently through the shadows to circle behind the men, she let her fangs out. Tonight she would dine. To hell with her sobriety. These men would soon quench her thirst.

Brinna watched the boy eat his simple meal. She remembered watching her son eat many of the same meals. Little boys seemed to eat in that fast straightforward manner that implied their bodies could not wait for the sustenance. The looks of fear that the inns’ other customers had given her were not new to Brinna, she had often seen them before when traveling with her master. She had even seen awe, and lust several times in her travel. She had never noticed looks of disgust before, however. She supposed it was only natural, the patrons probably assumed she owned the boy. That she fed from him. She knew the thought that sickened her now, had not always done so.
When they first entered the room he had been very afraid. Instead of eating the food she bought him, he simply stared at it. She just sat there watching him from behind her shadowed hood. Brinna didn’t bother to become impatient with the boy, she thought she remembered children being slow to do things, and besides, she was in no hurry. After a while he had tentatively began to pick at the food and it wasn’t long before he was shoving large spoonfuls in his mouth. After he finished his meal she finally spoke.
“You can use the bed. It is time for sleep.” At first the boy looked very surprised, and even a little happy, but then it slowly faded into a look of mistrust and fear. Brinna felt the boys fear, she could hear his heart beat faster, the blood running through his veins called to her own… She reined her desires in and sighed before pulling her hood down.
“Look at me boy,” she commanded. “I am not here to hurt you. I am not going to bite… you.” Brinna inwardly cringed at her choice of words, but the boy did not seem too afraid anymore. Instead he was boldly looking her over.
“I know.”
“Oh? What exactly do you know child?”
“Well… um…” the boy struggled slightly with his words, “you are very pretty…”
Brinna had heard many people call her beautiful in her life, but only once had it touched her heart so. She remembered Aedin often telling her “You are so beautiful mommy!” She wasn’t sure she liked remembering how that felt.
“What does that matter?”
“Well… mommies are nicer than daddies, and you can see how pretty girls take care of their brothers and sisters… You are the most pretties girl I have ever saw! Besides… you saved me from those bad men!” She stares at him a while, thinking about the charm of innocence, and how it can get you killed. She sighs again.
“You just don’t understand the world, do you?”
“It is big, and it has bright colors and –“
“No, just –“ she stops herself from losing her temper. She seems to remember a little that children require patience too. “First, it is prettiest girl, not most pretties, it is seen, not saw.” She waves her hand in front of her face. “Let me start over. I am a woman, like your mother was, not a girl.” Seeing the confusion on his face Brinna ceases talking again. “So, you think I am pretty?”
“You are beautiful!” The boy smiles at her, a wide grin that only children can so fully accomplish. She sees so much of Aedin in that smile. The first one she has seen from the boy. Brinna cannot fathom the slight pain in her chest, but she knows it makes her think of her son.
“Well Mr. Charming, perhaps you should get some sleep now. Tomorrow I will drop you at the nearest temp-“ She cuts off mid sentence as tears well in the boys eyes.
“Please don’t take me there. The monks are so mean looking and the children are so sad! I don’t want to live with the mean monks! I want to stay with you!” The boy throws himself into her lap. “Mom, I don’t want to go with dad, I want to stay home with you!” Brinna can’t stop the memory from echoing in her head.
“All right! I promise not to take you to the mean monks. I think you should go to bed now.” The boy looks around, seemingly unsure of her instructions.
“Are you sure I should sleep in the bed. I can sleep on the floor, and you need the bed…”
“I do not… need the bed. I will be fine. Just go to sleep child.” She waves him off to bed. He runs over but then stops short. He looks as though he is contemplating something, but then he suddenly jumps in and snuggles with the pillow, content to have this comfy bed.
After a while her keen senses pick out the boy’s silent crying. Brinna struggled with herself for a few moments. Why should she care about this boy? Everyday humans died. Bad things happened and she knew this. How could she drop him off somewhere though? She would not be able to forget how it felt to have him hold her, to need her. Her son had been ripped from her, just like this boy’s mother from him. She went to him then, and sat on the bed.
“I am here. The bad people are gone, and I shall not leave you. Get some rest child.” At first he stiffens as she begins to rub his back, but slowly he begins to relax and the tears slow. She sings him a lullaby that she remembers as her son’s favorite.

When she enters their room the next morning she finds the boy has already dove head long into his breakfast.
“Good, I see you are awake. You had best get dressed. These clothes are yours. We will throw the rags you are wearing away. You will need to clean yourself first.” She produces a pair of scissors from a sack. “We shall have to trim your hair too. No one travels with me looking so filthy.”
“I am coming with you?” The boy grins widely at her. “No temple?”
“Yes, you are coming with me. However, I do not carry baggage with me. You will learn to be useful, and defend yourself.”
“De-defend myself?!” He cries as his smile fades. Brinna sighs at the boy’s obvious confusion. Patience is certainly a virtue.
“What is your name boy?”
“Uhh… Chris?”
“You don’t know your own name? How sad,” she teases. The young boy seems to take her words seriously. She must remember children take things literally.
“Of course I do! It is Chris!” Brinna laughs, but quickly stops as she sees the look on his face.
“All right. Chris it is. It is a fine name. You may call me Brinna. Now, it is time to clean you up and be on our way!” Chris grabs his clothing and runs over to the water basin to clean up.
“Ok mother!” Brinna is momentarily stunned by this new title, and starts to correct Chris, but something stops her. She realizes that Chris does not notice what he has called her. Instead he is happily cleaning himself and preparing to dress.

In the following months she teaches the boy what she knows. He learns of the Raven Queens teachings that death is not sad, but natural. He begins sparring with Brinna. This proves very difficult, as she is fast, and much stronger than she appears. It takes some time before the boy catches on and before the woman realizes how to teach him to use his body. He does not like it at first, but as it becomes a game of finding out how strong and smart he can be, the boy does very well. She quickly realizes that his strength cannot match her unnatural strength. So she teaches him to harness the energy of his being and use it to strike weak points on enemies. She teaches him that speed is in his favor. The boy continues to slip and call her mother on occasion and she continues to let him do so. He also soon realizes that her need for blood is strong when she is injured, and her distaste for drinking it to heal. Somehow the boy knows that she cannot survive without it, and he knows that he cannot survive without her.


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