Empire of Bane

Yseult's Gauntlet

Time to find Yseult's gauntlet. Can it truly help her? And what will she do about the truth of her father? Will her new knight help?

As we walked into the cave, Riley went ahead. I think he did his normal thing of checking around for us in his silent tone. However, it was dark. He is the only one that can see while in the darkness besides my mom. I need a light just to see. Good thing my weapon creation can make light!

Suddenly, a burst of powdery stuff came into the area. It stopped just short of me and the princess! Gully got caught in the powder and it seemed to make him gag. Some fighting was heard, but we couldn’t see far. The princess held her breath and rushed in. Seeing as I couldn’t disappoint her after being declared her Knight, I rushed in after while holding my breath. When I came out, I was slightly surprised to see a Kobold! I hadn’t seen one of them in a while! But seeing that they were intent on hurting me and the princess, I went after in, swinging wildly. I don’t know what it was… it just felt different… like I was actually thinking less on what to do and more just doing it. Maybe this is what Brinna was saying all those times during the training about not thinking now, but thinking 3 steps ahead. Maybe, what she meant was you need to think of the end and just go what comes natural to get there, but let my body think what needs to be done. Focusing on the battle at hand, one of the kobolds went into the darkness and threw some sticky stuff at me. I didn’t have time to stop anyone else and I felt bad for letting the princess nearly take an attack. She was just as good at battle as when she fought in the mini castle she was in! I had to match up. So when I cut myself free of the sticky stuff, I rushed down the hall area. I spotted a kobold, with weapons at the ready, dashed forward, saw a rope with some sign that said something like “put futt herr” and jumped around it to land on the other side. Then… for a brief second, I felt like I had no ground to put my feet on. I looked down and realized there was nothing there! I fell and barely landed between a punch of spikes with thorn things. Some of it scraped me. It kinda itches, but I have to remain focused. I yelled for help.

Soon, a rope came down. I came up to find that Gully threw the rope down. He yelled at me saying “Don’t rush off like that! You’re gonna get yourself killed!” I told him that I had good luck on my side. Just when I was thinking that the kiss may have been unlucky from the princess, he tries to jump across and fails badly. I hear a loud crush sound with metal bits tinging around the little pit followed by a loud “OWW!” I then say “SEE! It is good luck! I didn’t get hurt like you did!”

Riley tried to jump across with the noose, but it couldn’t hold him as it broke. The princess jumped across and made it, but got hurt by some hooks attached to the ceiling! As I had to get over there quickly, I backed up and jumped across to see these hooks that she was mentioning. I sliced off all the hooks on her and destroyed the area around her that had the hooks. Riley came back up, but then we kept getting fired by arrows somewhere beyond this little river. Riley could see and was responding, but I don’t know what was going on. I helped Gully up as payback for getting me out of the pit, but we had another issue. Once he got out, we had more of those hooks to deal with. I went over and realized with a flick of a switch, I could make all the hooks fall! So I did and there was nothing more to deal with… on this side. I came over and saw some rope on the floor and this river. The river had something in it. So I used the moment to balance on the rope and just dance across the water like nothing. Normally, according to Riley, it wouldn’t hold anyone’s weight other than a Kobold’s. When I came across, I defeated one kobold, destroyed a cover point to reveal more kobolds, and got another kobold killed before it could get away.

A voice came in our heads it seemed that called itself a watcher. This watcher had a slight high pitch to it in the background of his talking. We talked a bit. It seems that it was some kind of test. We were… well I thouht at the time, looking for the end of a gauntlet. I didn’t understand that we were looking for the end of the test we were going through, also called a gauntlet. Seemed touching Gully’s gauntlet was not “reaching the end of the gauntlet.”

We went on to another room that had a wall and something on the other side. Riley went up and over. Soon, we didn’t hear anything. We called out for him and nothing was said. When Gully and I came up, I was shocked. Riley was on the floor with rats trying to eat him and some weird monster that looked like he was eating some of Riley’s money! I yelled for the princess to say her words that seemed to heal people and get Riley back up. In the mean time, I jumped down and fought the rats. I was making quick work. Also, every time, the princess said something to me and it made me move quicker, slashing away at the rats! Soon, I started feeling… like I was partly myself and partly not. I was moving to the point that everything was also slower, storming through. At one point, I almost didn’t even notice the princess joined me on the ground or Riley leaving the ground area. Once we got the monsters taken care of (after it seemed to make the princess’ armor and weapon look like it was old, hardly used, and had too much water on it for a while), Riley seemed to make the door opened and get us into a new room.

The voice told us these were electric traps and that each step could either go off and hit us or nothing would happen. Gully hopped over a couple of them, but a few went off and shocked him. He made it across. Riley decided to go next and try to figure out the rest from the spots that Gully found. He got hit hard with a shock that it brought him down. The princess went forward and used her words to bring him up. Together, they figured out having me walk on some of these floor pieces which were it and which weren’t. Thankfully, no more electrical traps happened, but I trust Riley not to let me get hurt. I was getting bored with calling the number the voice kept telling me.

When we were on the other side, there were these strange stairs. They had words on each step. They said, in order from the closest step to us to the later steps:

“It seems every second or third time I step away, fate is there, without a doubt, to trap my course.”

I was wondering if it meant one of those was true. Riley ordered Gully to go up and test. He starts moving and when he got to the third step, he vanished quickly with nothing left of him! We stared at the stairs awaiting for something to happen. Nothing more happened. I asked “What happened?” Riley said he poofed. The princess decided to fall to her knees and cry somewhat saying he died.
“He died? I don’t think so.”
“You don’t think he died?” she said.
“Nope. If he wanted to die, he would have by now with the bear incident… the ghost incident… the water incident…”

I started to realize I was mentioning every situation where Gully nearly dropped and with me there, I kept telling him if he wants to die, then just die, but stop trying to live and just live. He kept struggling with that, but now that I think about it… he has been getting slightly better with living. Meh… we’ll see him again, I’m sure. He is too annoying and somewhat a bully to keep down.

Anyways, Riley went forward. He started to skip every 3rd step. While he was doing that, I was watching and looking at the steps he skipped. Part of me realized something. The steps he skipped actually is a message, but I never mentioned it to anyone. I figured they may have realized it on their own which was why Riley skipped the third step. Either that or he guessed because of Gully disappearing after stepping on the step that said “every” on it. When you read just the words Riley skipped, it said:

“Every third step is a trap”

When we went up to the next area, it seemed there were weapons with words on a wooden block piece by the weapons themselves. The weapons were a 2 things, each with a small blade at the end and a stick attachment… which was somewhat like a spear1, a gauntlet with spikes on them, and a sword2. The words however was weird. They read:




I kept staring at the sword with the words. Out of all of them, It seemed to be strange for me. There was a door in the room. The princess asked me “What are you looking at, Chris?” I kept mentioning that the words are… different on the sword than the others. I then wondered was the door unlocked. The princess went over to the door and I tried to stop her, thinking that maybe the door might be a trap. The door made some sort of face appear and said “Not without a password, you’re not. What is the password?”

That is when I stared back at the sword’s words and I was thinking “Password…?” That is when it dawned on me why it was stranger than the others. The other 2 had the look that it was saying “This is Pa’s Hand Weapons. This is Pa’s Gauntlet.” And each following statement sounded like it was the name of Pa’s item. But the third one sounded like it was actually saying something. While words read “Pa’s Sword,” it really was saying when said out loud quickly “PasSword.” So when I separated out the name, Islet’s first off sounded like another name which couldn’t have been. When separated, it was Is Let’s. I guess the time with mom re-correcting me and learn about how words are… grammatically… the idea of the word “Let’s” being possessive just didn’t seem right. So looking at the word Laughter, I had to assume that the S in Let’s was actually belonging to the Laughter. Nice little game. And so, I called out:

“The password is Let Slaughter!”

The door seemed to open. I was asked how I figured it out, but I simply told them that it was in the words and I showed them with my mind what it reads when you take away much of the parts that were pointless and separated out what needed to be done. They saw it and realized that it was a bit dumb not to see it then.

When we went to the next room, there was a mirror and a word above the mirror. There was some very clean skeletons near these mirrors. The word above the mirror was spelled strange. I never saw it before. Mom didn’t even know what it was. It read:


I stared at it for a while. Riley was looking over the skeletons at first. Then he was looking at the mirror. It seemed the mirror looked like it was a reflection of the room we were in, except we weren’t in the mirror and the mirror showed a pile of shiny coins and other treasures. I went back and I started to sound it out. I got to Try an is port I us… then I realized, all of the I’s were common in the pronounciation. I decided to take out the I’s and realized it said “Transport Us.” Just as I said it out loud, questioning why it would possibly be that word and hidden under those I’s, Riley poked the mirror with his crossbow bolt. He went through the mirror and was over there. Just as I asked what was happening, the shiny treasures decided to form up on its own to the shape of a dragon! I came close to the mirror. The dragon came over and blasted all it could out on Riley. When the blast was finished, Riley was on the floor, injured badly. I had to get him out, so I reached into the mirror and managed to appear in the room. I then grabbed Riley and tried to grab him back out of the room. I manged to get back into the other room just before another blast happened. I yelled at the watcher that spoke to us earlier and asked if we could take a break. He said we could come and go as we please.

So as we wait, we now wonder what will happen as we rest, treating the injuries we gained and possibly waiting for Gully to return. I’ve been thinking though… is Gully really dead? Its been a while.

1 It was a siangham

2 More specifically, it was a falchion

End of Session roundup

Tokens gained

Tokens Spent

Current XP: 3155

Active Participants:
Gulbran (Quite Possibly Deceased)
Yseult (Companion)

Notable moments

  • Ryld has 2 minor injuries, and a disease that got him to stage 2.
  • Gulbran practically got disintegrated and now is questionable on his return in regards to the group.
  • Chris made his weapons almost thinly to the point that it should be brittle, but was sharper than master crafted weapons. He was also moving faster and almost inhuman-like, to the point that he destroyed a rust monster in anger and moved quicker than the fastest blade users seen thus far after Riley was injured by the rust monster.

Ready to go back into and finish the dungeon, outside the mirror room with the treasure lumped together in the center.



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