Empire of Bane

Witches, Zombies, and People

"But I am Yseult's Knight!" - Chris

The group began their adventure leaving Nightshade Keep. The journey was rather long when you consider Gulbran’s armor weighs him down considerably. They decided to spend the night near some open area by a murky swamp. Unfortunately, the group was caught in an area with a siren as it desperately tried to take the heroes down and work for her. Unfortunately for her, she was quickly defeated. The orcs that were with her on the other hand didn’t run off. The group made as quick work as possible, but one escaped as the other was taken down.

After some rest, they managed to continue the journey and stopped by Cedarvale. Cedarvale though was under lockdown. The group tried to gain entry with Chris leading, but the guards laughed after his comments about being Yseult’s Knight. After revealing a small portion of his power to show mental images as he furthered tried to explain the truth, the guards assumed him to be a witch and captured him along with the rest of the group. However, Ryld had already left and snuck inside. After some time, Ryld managed to get a hold of Yseult to get the others out.

Yseult revealed the current state of the witch’s domain that she knew. She also revealed that if she was to leave with the group to see what she can do to help, she would lose her title as Princess of Cedarvale. However, she felt she had to see for herself and joined the group regardless.

As the characters traveled on to find their “friend” Cheska, they had to tread cautiously. As they got closer towards the source of the undead invasion, they were finding themselves more and more surrounded! They did well to avoid as much as they could, but then they stumbled upon a town that was under attack. The group responded by helping the people, but unfortunately, so many were lost in the attack and more during the group’s attempted defense for the people. Only 2 villagers remained and were rescued. How it currently affects them or Yseult, is unknown. The villagers did direct them to a tower that had been getting more active. Will our heroes be able to take down Chevska?

End of Session roundup

Tokens gained

Tokens Spent
Chris – 4 Wealth for an uncommon item.

Current XP: 6405

Active Participants:
Yseult (Companion)

Notable moments

  • The group was amusingly captured (sans Ryld) when the guards didn’t believe that the group were friends of Yseult. Yseult got them out of the jail with Chris rasberrying the guards working there.
  • Yseult joined with the group of her own accord at the high possibility of losing her title as princess.
  • 2 villagers in a town managed to escape horrible death and conversion. The rest did not survive and those that were just converted had to be forcibly killed.


  • N/A

Traveling to a tower



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