Empire of Bane

Catch up to the story

How we began

Since the session started a few months ago, it is quite hard to remember every detail that happened. So to catch anyone up with what has happened, this will be the summed up story (not written in the eyes of any PC).

The group came together in a forest during an attack on the city of Nightshade Keep. Gulbran, Paladin of Bane, and Ryld, a mysterious Drow who has his own agenda, ran into the battle first with 2 bears. They proved to be too tough for Gulbran, but the drow was making some progress. Chris entered the scene and attempted to fight to get them to back off. Soon, Lynnara joined up as well. Together, the bears were defeated, but one was killed while the other went back into the forest.

The group found themselves meeting with a priestess of the Raven Queen named Kyrta. She was almost willing to talk with the Raven Queen for the group when a creepy little girl named Cheska showed up to demand the black fire of the Raven Queen and that the red plague would happen again if nothing is done. After the group defeated her minions and Cheska left, plans were made quickly to find Cheska. The group took a warforged as well as Gulbran’s companion Durom with them and set off to find Cheska.

During their travel, they found Brinna and she was thankful to be reunited with her son, Chris. Brinna nearly persisted on not going with the group and taking Chris with her, but Chris was stricken with the Red Plague and made a promise to help the town. So Brinna reluctantly agreed to help. The group pressed on to find Cheska in her cave. In the middle of their battle, Cheska was almost defeated, but a sudden betrayal by Durom stopped her defeat. Thusly, she escaped. Brinna had an idea of how to cure the disease after seeing who was the one responsible for it, but it was to be dangerous. Chris had to cloak himself and was told to remain not seen. However, the red plague was getting worse and most members were not doing so well. Time was of the essence and they made haste.

The group managed to come across a town Brinna was all too familiar with. The place seemed to be abundant with vampires. At the center was a mansion that held a powerful vampire master. The group infiltrated the town and the mansion, found the cure and battled their way out before the master appeared. They left the town quickly and each took a small bit of the cure potion. They returned to Nightshade Keep with the cure. Unfortunately, Nightshade Keep had a huge enough death toll before the cure could be brought back in time. Everyone still alive was saved, but it was still a price to pay. Everyone took some down time.

Lynnara left to attend to some duties. Meanwhile, Gulbran returned with an army and coersed Kyrta that the army was needed. In doing so, the town would be protected by his empire, but the town must constantly be watched by a bunch of hobgoblins and must agree to their law. Many of the group members did not like this idea and were extremely unhappy with what Gulbran pulled, but there was nothing that could be done. Kyrta agreed.

Kyrta sent the group off to find something deep in a forest. She told them that they’d know what they were looking for when they’d see it. So the group went off, taking Gulbran with them and traveled through the swamps.

The next post is where the story truly begins…



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