Empire of Bane

The Under-rewards

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End of Session roundup

Tokens gained

Tokens Spent

Current XP: 31350

Active Participants:

Hoot (Chris’ Green owl companion)

Notable moments

  • Red turned Ryld in and forced Chris to be a slave and drag a chest full of gold and jewels as Red’s reward.
    • Chris created a mini-wagon to drag the chest easier.
  • Gulbran and Jyn got enslaved.
    • Chelyse gave them marks that empowered her to control them.
    • Jyn fired a disappearance daily power on Chelyse and she got banished out for an hour.
    • Gulbran and Jyn found the ritual spell book while the demons were fighting among themselves and then escaped.
    • The pic from the DM: Killermachine.jpg
  • Ryld finds out from her mother, Viera, that he has a daughter named Lua!
  • Red gets 2 pixies.
  • Red manages to get a cult to assist in breaking Ryld out.
    • Before finding the cult, Chris got 2nd degree burns.
  • Jyn and Gulbran find a way to meet up to the city where Chris, Red, and Ryld are.
  • In the evening, Red and Chris meetup with Jyn and Gulbran at a party, all disguised (except Chris).
    • Chris was treated as Body Guard for Red’s character.
    • Gulbran and Jyn look like Drow.
  • Red goes off to search for Ryld after the group finds out Red would not be the main attraction to the party. They also learn that the drow were losing control of the demons due to not killing Ryld.
  • Ryld devises an escape plan and starts it off when Red finds out where Ryld is. Red signals the group so the group comes a running.
    • Because of what happened at this point, the Demon control is “lost” the people at the party are running out. Those people encounter the cult that begin their attack.
    • The group rushes in and saves Riley and Lua.


With Lua, about to find a way to stop one of Ryld’s lovely family members.



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