Empire of Bane

The princess is in another fortress

Its not stealing if you leave money... oh... forgot to leave a note. Why is the princess not here?

So we walked in to the Falcon Flight Tavern. There were many creatures in there. I even got to see a half bull, half man! They actually do exist!!! A dwarf and a human approached Ryld and me. I think they had an issue with me, but I am not entirely sure. Just then, the Dwarf looked at Riley and said “Its a drow!” I didn’t understand what the fuss was about. Everyone in the bar got up and started fighting. I ducked under everyone. I saw there was a person in the back that wasn’t fighting with the others. I casually went over and even passed a beer bottle to some guy that was knocked down and looking at me asking for help. I don’t see a reason not to give it.

Upon getting across, I sit with the guy and talk with him. He seemed cool, but didn’t want to be involved. I ended up asking about the princess. At the time, he seemed to not know for sure. Riley shortly came over and started talking. The guy seems to have wondered why I was here or Riley for that matter. I asked him if he knew where a group of rebelious people would be. He said I shouldn’t get involved with such type of people, but I told him that I wanted to see the princess and heard she is rebelious. At this point, the guy said that it was about time to “end this” and if he can excuse himself for a sec. Then, with just one sentence, he reveals that he is the captain of the guards and everyone better stop fighting or else. Everyone stopped, stared, got scared, and ran! Some even jumped out the windows! I was shocked to see how quickly they obeyed and ran in fear! He was awesome!

Once the guy left with matters he had to take care of, Riley yelled at me for some strange reason. It seems it had to do with me talking about the princess. We followed the guard and he took a horse. He left quickly and the gate was open. Riley ran over and grabbed a horse from the nearby stables and without hesitation, left. Mom was about to leave with a horse, but as she was setting up, I wanted to make sure no one would come after us for some kind of payment to deal with. So I left a few coins in the bucket of the stable boy who was asleep the entire time. He is fine at being there. Obviously, he is tired.

While on horses, we traveled, but the guards were chasing us! I think they were mostly after Riley for taking the horse. Or having weapons… not sure which. We kept moving, but the guards were slowly catching up on their horses. We saw a group of wagons. I suddenly recognized that they were vistani I had seen in some camp sights during my time with the group that went missing! They recognized me real fast and was kind to help me and my friends and my mother out. They hid us. I overheard them talking with the guards. It seems they told them that they saw many people come through, but they couldn’t find the ones they were looking for. I am not quite sure, but I think they were… bribed. He told them we went another direction and the guards left. They took us out of one of the caravans and told us we were safe. I thanked them, but it seems according to Brinna and Riley, we were in a hurry. I told the guy that if they should find the strong man that I still wanted to know how to pick up a large rock with no effort.

We moved through the forests and shortly came across an… old building. The captain of the guards actually came to the building and got a bridge to come down and let him in. It then closed up. Everyone decided to wait. I was bored so I decided to take a nap. I looked around and realized that we left the metal man behind. I kinda wondered what happened to him…

It was becoming early morning when I was awoken by Brinna due to them getting ready to figure out how to get through. Metal man suddenly met up with us! I guess he has some sort of attachment to finding us or something. When he sat down, he had some writing on his back. I stared and looked at it… and started to laugh! Now… I can’t remember what it said anymore… but it was funny at the time. Metal man wasn’t happy with the idea despite me trying not to actually tell him that something is on him.

We went around and found a weak point in the wall. Riley climbed the wall and tried to sneak in. We started to hear sounds of battle and I was thinking Riley was in trouble. Metal man went over to the wall and bashed it open. I was honestly surprised that he could do that without hurting himself! He went in and started attacking. I watched at first and realized that the person in shiney armor next to a camp fire was a gir-…. woman. She started to talk about how we were sent by the witch to take her away. I realized that she was the princess. In my mind, I was surprised. Aren’t princesses supposed to wear fancy looking dresses and look pretty? Anyways, the metal man was telling her that while that is true, it was because her father didn’t repay his debt, much less win the love of her mother. She refused to believe that. Since metal man… was correct… I figured I had to help. I stared at her and concentrated… remembering how mom tried to talk to people in ther mind and make them come over. For a moment, I think I was in her mind. I showed her the images and explained the truth. I couldn’t keep it up for long though and I was quickly getting tired. Does Brinna always have that problem?

Soon, it seemed obvious that if I didn’t go in to stop the people attacking metal man that he was going to die. Seeing as he says he won’t die and is stubborn about it, I figured I should help. I came in and saw Riley was in trouble as well! So I rushed at the people using bows and made some quick work. Some were dodging me though. Before long, I took them down, but one decided to cut me with his sword. I made him pay. I will not kill another unless they harm me first. Following mom’s rules about fighting others like myself:

Fight in self defense, find a way out. If you can’t, its better to kill if they intend to kill you. Otherwise, harm them, but don’t kill them.

Everyone here tried to harm me, except for the Captain of the guard and the lady. I stopped one with the bow from firing at Riley, went out the door and got stopped. He hurt me with his sword so I stabbed him. He was stopped. I went out and tried to help, but it seems the princess decided to… surrender. The captain I think didn’t understand he would lose as he seems confident in winning the battle. The princess got him to stop trying to fight and would offer herself freely to us if we let him go. She was going to cut her own throat! Metal man agreed though… I didn’t get why. I didn’t think he would do such a thing.

The princess talked about wanting to visit some place. Some place that had a gauntlet that she could use which was legendary. If she got that item, she would have a chance to fight the witch. I was fine with it, not really knowing what was going on. Her name was… Yseult. But then I asked her why is it that she is a princess, but not in a dress? She told me that if she had brothers, perhaps she would be in a dress. But because she doesn’t, she had to learn to be tough while doing her duty. I remembered overhearing some people before about how a kiss from a princess is supposed to give you luck. So… I tried to ask confidently and if I could have a kiss. I quickly tried to explain that I heard it was good luck and I wanted to get such luck. It is better than any old looking sword or some clover. She said that she could, but normally, she only does so to knights. She asked if I wanted to be her knight. I said “sure!” Although, I don’t think I would fit in the armor those knights would wear. Now that I think about it… I hope I don’t have to wear it. They seem to be rather heavy. Even Metal man’s armor makes sounds just by normal walking. The princess smiled. She then called my name and gave me… a title! I am…

Sir Chris! Defender of innocence and truth!

Now… we need to go off and find this gauntlet of hers.

We left and followed her. She was holding my hand and walking onward to the place of this gauntlet. She sure was kind, talking to me, asking me questions, telling abit about herself. Soon enough, we found the entrance to this cave. She said that this was the place. We headed up and got ready. I stood by Yseult… ready to defend her as a knight should do. I just ask myself though… Am I ready?

End of Session roundup

Tokens gained
1 Fate for all

Tokens Spent
Chris – 1 Wealth (Paid for 1 horse), 1 Fate (Given to show Yseult the truth)

Current XP: 2330

Active Participants:

At the start of the cave looking for the gauntlet for Yseult



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