Empire of Bane

The Bear Truth!

The Ice Princess soars!

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End of Session roundup

Tokens gained
2 wealth to all
2 Favor tokens to all

Tokens Spent

Current XP: 18505

Active Participants:

Roselily (Hirling)
Rook (Hirling)

Notable moments

  • The group encountered a wintertouched owlbear
  • After encountering the ice tower through the cave, they used Nolzurā€™s Marvelous Pigments to make a window while Ryld went right in.
  • Lumon and Demon had a spat.
  • Ailyth freaked out when the group came in and in short, murdered the gremlin that was holding her captive and trying to “Help her” with her powers.
  • The group destroyed the enemies and Lumon managed to convince Ailyth that they were there to bring her back.to her mother despite her thinking that she would never be with her mother.
  • The group brought Ailyth back. Chris gained an owl-companion type from the ice tower and Loralyth got it to speak elven completely. Rook was injured. She also gave up the name of Baba Yaga on finding a fix for Ryld’s issue.
    • To quote her: “Search her out if you wish, I can give you a letter of introduction. That will ensure her courtesy, but beware, she is fearsome witch”
    • And also, to find the way back: “You will find a group of standing stones. Go to sleep there underneath the white willow tree that grows in the center, and you will be home.”


  • Tensur’s Lift Ritual Scroll
  • Stoneshape Ritual Scroll
  • Remove Affliction Scroll
  • 1 Consumable of level 12 or lower (per person)
  • Cloak of Frost +3 (DM Custom)

On the way to find a tree



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