Empire of Bane

Stealthy shenanigans

Its a stealther's pride

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End of Session roundup

Tokens gained
1 favor all – Saving Library

Tokens Spent
Ryld – 2 Fate – Succeed a check, reroll.

Current XP: 19155

Active Participants:

Roselily (Hirling)
Rook (Hirling)
Hoot (Chris’ Green owl companion)

Notable moments

  • The group arrived in the city and split off for a while…
    • Gulbran had to leave the city cause no one liked Gulbran.
    • Chris, “Hoot,” and Demon went off together.
      • Chris got some Cinnamon Rolls cause “Hoot” wanted one. He liked it. Chris also gave one to Demon and she liked the taste.
    • Ryld went off, got himself in trouble with hobgoblins, protected a beggar, then brought over to the Temple of Ioun.
    • Lumon came into the city and eventually went to the Temple of Ioun.
      *The group (minus Gulbran) eventually met up at the Temple of Ioun. Lumon finds out that the Temple asked for the Empire’s assistance, but the Empire didn’t help. So Lumon accepted the task that the Empire didn’t as long as they get the ring that is needed.
  • Ryld AND Demon tried multiple times to steal the ring from the temple, but failed multiple times. Ryld was even caught so he is known. Rook was caught and handed over to some hobgoblins.
    • Rook was later released thanks to Gulbran who also gave orders to them.
    • Demon managed to fool a group of people to think she was on fire and managed to get a knight that would defend her from a rogue Wizard (which he believes is who got her on fire).
  • The group goes off to defeat the ogres plaguing the golden library and succeeds.
    • The Ettin however had one that was smart and offered surrender and never to return. The group accepted.
  • The group returns to find the high priestess gone.
  • Ryld and Demon decide to try once again to break in and find the ring… just to find out that the ring was taken. So instead, they got a spellbook that seems plane, but it actually allows them to read any magic spell and cast it as if they are a wizard!
  • The group learned (through Demon manipulating Duran) that the group was lied to and that the high priestess was going to turn the ring over to some elves to transport to a fortress. The group had some talks and discussed ideas on how to proceed.


  • Book of Infinite Spells

Going to send a message to Loralyth at the Temple of Ioun



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