Empire of Bane

Frozen castles and tears of ice!

Somethings you just can't let go...

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End of Session roundup

Tokens gained

Tokens Spent
Gulbran – 2 Favor – Frost Wolf for his Wolf.
Lumon – 1 Favor – To get Loralyth to teleport the group near to the cave of the Gremlin King

Current XP: 17055 (Makes us Level 9. Update Character Sheets!)

Active Participants:

Roselily (Hirling)
Rook (Hirling)

Notable moments

  • The group meet Loralyth for the first time (except for Lumon being second time)
  • The group got teleported and fought some nymphs. Before killing the last nymph, Chris suggested to leave the last one alive to get answers.
    • Under 2 conditions, the Nymph was allowed to live and its trees kept from being harmed. Condition 1 being that she had to provide details about the Gremlin King. Condition 2 being that she had to provide something unique from her or the area there.
      • For condition 2, she cut off a lock of her hair and gave it to Chris.
    • It was revealed that the person that seems to command the gremlins is Ailyth, an Eladrin girl.
    • The group knows at the very least there is 2 quickling guards and there is a creature that flies that can make storms appear. Potentially, could be a dragon.
    • After obtaining the answers, Chris ran after Ryld who was ticked. Gulbran killed the Nymph when Chris wasn’t looking.
  • It was found through Ryld that Ailyth is Loralyth’s daughter that the group was sent to find. Ryld was tempted to leave because we are being sent to chase down her daughter and bring her back, whether she wants to or not and most notably not.
    • Ryld had found out about Ailyth by finding the note she left for Loralyth while the group was in the castle. Ryld was not with the group for a while.


  • 1 Snowflake for everyone. It acts like an Alchemist’s Frost (level 11) or a Potion of Resistance (Cold) (Level 14) depending on use.
    • Lumon gets 2 extra (a total of 3).

Outside the Cave, getting ready for “Possible” combat.



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