Empire of Bane

Down with the witch!

Ryld gets his reward, Gulbran's evil is lessened, Chris comes through!

We awoke, ready to face the dangers. This time, that coin dragon thing will be beaten. I just wish I knew what it is we were looking for specifically. I still haven’t figured out why a single gauntlet will solve the problem of the witch. But oh well.

We approached the mirror and I was about to go in when I almost forgot to say the password. “Transport Us!” I called and the mirror let us in. The coins in the room created the dragon-like form. I had to focus, but a part of me wondered if a dragon would look anything like this. We went as hard and quick as possible to attack it. Coins hurt when its spinning around!

It didn’t take long, but we defeated it. Then a crown was found and a sword. It seemed easier than I thought it would be. I handed the crown to the princess and she put it on. For some reason, she was deemed unworthy. Unworthy for what, I don’t know. Just then, the dragon coined thing reformed! It came and attacked the princess! I tried to defend her and then….

It seemed dark. At some point I saw light once again. Maybe I was sleeping? My head hurt. I saw the dragon still nearby and had to stop it. I grabbed the crown and put it on. A part of me hoped that maybe something needed to be said to stop the dragon from trying to attack her. I yelled at the dragon “I will not let you harm her!” The crown said that I was worthy and gave me its power! We assulted the dragon until it went dark again.

I awoke with Brinna carrying me and Roselily helping treat my wounds. Yseult was back up and well. I was put on the ground for a bit to get healed. For some reason, the bruises didn’t hurt as much. When everyone was ready to go, we headed out. Still, Gully was not found. Maybe he is just a long distance away. All of a sudden, a small dragon lands on me and begins to speak with me. It seems he is the voice of the place and that is when I learn we were never looking for a gauntlet, but it was called a gauntlet. As in, a series of trials. Who knew that a gauntlet could also mean that? He also said that Gully wasn’t killed, but he shouldn’t be too far. As we approach the water section of the dungeon, we find Gully being taken into the water. At first, I didn’t think it was Gully cause he had no armor. But when I pictured him with the armor, it made much sense. We tried to see if he could come out and not play with… whatever that giant thing was he was with. I looked into the water and realized that it was what was in the water that lurked around. And come to think of it, Gully came up for air, but immediately was brought back down. I think he was drowning. I actually couldn’t believe he was being beaten by water more than the monster. I went across the water and Riley prepared a rope. I stared at the creature and the crown just told me it was evil. It also told me how to use its power. So with an attempt, I forced the creature to stop playing with Gully. The thing wasn’t happy when it got out of it, but we left soon enough.

With the princess nearby, Gully and her were talking over the witch situation. She was actually fine with the idea of giving up to the witch. I told her that she can’t and there should be a way out. I said to Gully that there is something he has to do. He told me there is nothing he can do, but there was something I can since it is now my job as her knight. I thought about that. Perhaps he is right… I need to protect her. So I was thinking the entire time on the way back what to do. I could just hit the witch with my created swords until she stopped fighting back. I suppose that makes me more offensive and kinda defies what Brinna taught me, but it needs to be done. I then realized that if I did so, Riley wouldn’t get his wish. Whatever that may be. So my idea was to wait, but still free the princess. In the process, maybe I could help that Kyrta-like girl in the witch’s house.

When we arrived at the witch’s place, I hid behind Gully. The princess turned herself over to the ugly looking witch on her own! It was making me angry at the idea. Riley demanded to have his reward… which was to get the Kyrta-like girl the entire time! Well that was one person down. Once it was settled, we were about to leave. The witch was asking if we would want to join her in the ceremony, but it was refused. Once everyone was ready… I turned around and attacked her in the middle of her talking to herself!1

It caught her off-guard and the attack commenced. I kept up the assault as much as possible. She then managed to move me outside and moved herself at the same time rather quickly… like a teleport! I then realized everyone was… near, yet not clear. And everyone seemed to not see me, but knew I was nearby. Some had a look of lostness about them. Though, it felt familiar here for some reason. During the battle, it seemed I kept coming out of this place and people could see me again, but then I wouldn’t see some others. It turned out that the witch was trying to control our minds with dreams. But knowing what she is doing and how to stop it was difficult. I managed to help back her into a corner. I hit her, but not hard enough. Gully did the same. The princess was rooting for me and I was trying not to fail her. But I was getting tired… more mentally than my regular body. I think it was exhausting me with making these weapons and using them while being in and out of a dream world. I had to end it quick. In my desperate attempt, I remembered seeing a weapon once when traveling with mom where it was on a long stick like a staff, but at the end, it had a blade attached. It seemed to give better reach, but I was never really interested in it. I figured I’d try my best to re-create it as it wasn’t large like that giant sword was, but was indeed thinner overall.2 I concentrated as I used the energy that was still in front of me… the energy that was in my spiked shield and my curved blade. I put them together and formed the weapon pictured in my mind. I quickly tried to attack the witch, but my attack missed. It was more difficult than I thought to just use it without really learning how to. I tried once more, but the witch just stepped over. The ground underneath her suddenly glowed and she laughed as she disappeared.

She left. It was my fault and I felt sad. Maybe I should have learned how to use the weapon properly and maybe even learn what it is called. Gully agreed, but for now, I did well. I didn’t understand how I did well when the witch got away. Because that I confronted the witch, the princess was free to go. The witch left with injuries as well so it will take some time for her to do anything to the princess. Maybe I did the job at least.

We left together with the princess and the Kyrta-like person named Kyra all happy. A good ways out, we got to the split part. The princess had to return to Cedarvale. I think I am supposed to go too being a knight, but I stared at Riley. He was obviously hurt and I couldn’t just leave him until he is at least great on his own. I told the Princess I couldn’t leave them behind and they need me anyways. She seemed to understand. With another kiss on my cheek, she waved at us and we all left. Gully told me I should take the princess as my “mate” and that I “could be a king.”

“Mate?” I stared at him confused.

Gully just smiled, staring at Brinna. “Ask your mother,” he said. I looked up at Brinna and she actually seemed intent on not answering, but stared at Gully almost like she would hit him… or maybe she thinking of taking some of his blood. I don’t know. I just wasn’t sure if I should ask at that moment.

We arrived back in Nightshade Keep and brought Kyra in to Kyrta. I never seen Kyrta soo happy before! She gathered the healers in the area to help treat some of our wounds. For now, we were told to rest until we were called upon again. What will happen next!?

1 Read “Chanting”

2 It was a glaive he was thinking of.

End of Session roundup

Tokens gained
Everyone – 1 Favor and 1 Fate
Chris – 1 Fate for great save moment in a bad position

Tokens Spent
Chris – 2 Fates. Both rerolls… both failed.

Current XP: 3805

Active Participants:
Yseult (Companion) (Now left for Cedarvale)
Roselily (hireling)

Notable moments

  • Gulbran is alive, but had to be rescued from a ticklefest with an ogre.
  • Chris went down for the first time, but doing so to protect Yseult.
  • Chris got the crown as he was deemed worthy while Yseult was not.
  • Gulbran revealed that he must protect Chris as his Muut demands it.
  • Chris attacked the witch unexpectedly in the middle of Dark Elsa’s brewing.
  • The Witch escaped, barely.
  • Kyra was taken back from the witch and re-united with Kyrta.


  • Burning Torch
  • Potion
  • Bag of Holding
    • Filled with Meat

Yseult has now left to Cedarvale so the companion is not available now.
Everyone else is back in town. Roselily is still with the group. The group is taking a Sabbatical for 3 weeks.



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