Empire of Bane

Battle of Shoth-Gorag

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End of Session roundup

Tokens gained
All gain 1 Fate for beating the Shoth-Gorag
All gain 1 Favor for “helping the Empire”
Chris gains 1 Wealth token from rolling a 4 on a d4 roll to see if more than 1 or just 1 person gets a wealth token as the alternative to only deciding if anyone will get a wealth token.

Tokens Spent
Ryld – 1 Fates – +1 to attack to hit and kill Shoth-Gorag

Current XP: 16230

Active Participants:

Roselily (Hirling)
Rook (Hirling)
Kassia (Sorceress – Hirling)

Notable moments

  • Chris and Gulbran were both brought down during battle.
    • Chris gained Eye Gouge injury
    • Gulbran gained Concussion.
  • Shoth-Gorag dying exploded to a bunch of worms shortly after the victory. The Elder sign gave chase.
  • Chris Completed 2 of the payback for the Regalia of Good


  • Elixir of Giant Strength (lvl 9)
  • Elixir of Speed (lvl 11)

Outside the portal to the Lady Fey realm.



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